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Fear of the unknown

Take a step forward is progress.

Fear of the unknown
Fear is an unproductive way to interpret the consequences of events that have not yet occurred. Is the sinister result of an initiative to assume negative consequences, which always leads to passivity. Being afraid of the adverse outcome of future action involves proposing elude even before its completion, where the difficulty of finding the right path is multiplied, because we're all afraid of the unknown. This precaution often eliminates any possibility to move forward, staying assuming passivity based in unreality.

It can be said that fear is the greatest obstacle to implement an activity, because it overrides the virtues of a person; a hypothetical situation that consumes its willingness to act, regardless of the argument or motivation. Virtually anyone can remember when, sometimes, people covered up their heads with a blanket, trying to protect themselves from fear, regardless of who was giving complete darkness. That in the field of personal action or when faced with a social reality or undertaking a new initiative is a major drawback. Seek to protect themselves away from the focus of the action is harmful to reap satisfactory results, even to get started toward a growth, either personal or professional. However, there is no effective remedy to avoid the consequences of fear. On the way to cure this non-existent is usual to hear sentences like: to overcome fear you have to face him. An easy speech exhibit but difficult to practice.

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In the field of entrepreneurship the fear is constant, because any action that is intended to perform is subject to a thorough analysis of the possible consequences, the likely setbacks, of the dimensions of the virtual failure. It is natural to be gripped by the possibility of launching an activity and not to be able to make a success. However, my recommendation is to start the analysis of the items upside down, putting the strengths of the weak points. First analyze the elements that will lead to success, identify the positive, the areas where the best action will unfold that way, there will be time to see the threat, always unreal, preventing take the step forward.

It is important to overcome fear. In fact, if we were to prioritize the fear value, we will probably never be able to put anything up, because we are always putting safety at risk. But, I say this from experience, the risk is the business. Risk is a virtue, and always when we accept that action with prudence and common sense. We cannot get anything without risking something, or moving parts without looking where

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