domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Finding a Way

Finding a Way
In the life of an entrepreneur is invaluable opportunism, his ability to stand in the right place. The closer is the center of the action; its presence becomes more valuable. It is the way to go to market with advantages. Find an output derived from locating the appropriate gate, an opening can take the person from one place to another, from one environment to another. It is as simple as crossing and finds facts, realities, and new possibilities.

These days I was invited to a breakfast meeting on renewable energy, some of which are still unknown and not knowing enough, but that was extremely helpful to understand that in the shadow of these companies may be career options. The important thing was not the game but the doors that hide the commercial proposals I had never planned to visit.

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The good thing about being active is that things are always new; opportunities to highlight personal strengths, to enter unknown fields. Although in business almost unknown there is nothing, everything is translated to create, execute and take advantage, it is vital to be willing to join the new proposals. For that it is necessary:

Be open to everything. It is a fundamental step to be updated because an entrepreneur cannot closes to anything, but on the other hand, must be open to the adventurous potential, be willing to recognize a business even before being formalized.

To know and be known should be the essence of an entrepreneur. Without knowing new commercial horizons is impossible to extend the field of action, in the same way, without coming out is not possible to enter the field of view of other entrepreneurs who probably demand resources that one can contribute.

Creative activity is raising a new idea every action. For each new discovery an effective entrepreneur should generate a business opportunity or profitable and productive collaboration. This is very important because it shows an effective monitoring everything that moves, in order to convert this movement into a business opportunity.

Formalize the proposal is the final step to activate an operation; it's time to materialize ideas, turn them into pieces valued by potential buyers. However, at this stage of the process should not lose sight of the quality and viability demonstrable, because that detail will flow to the idea of truth and becomes a business or is a way to waste the opportunity.

Learning always knows oneself and accumulates all the information productively. Each figure, each new business that you interact, you must become a source of knowledge, a source of potential ideas, which will open the door to new alternatives, where others do not conceive the possibility of any act.


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