lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Friends or business

Friends or businessWhen making a decision is choosing a way to be followed to the end, it is the best method for achieving the goal. That maturity is obtained by differentiating policy priorities, and one of them is to choose between friends or business. At the time of starting a small business, and in the search for a more comfortable run frequently required forming the team, who are in the immediate ring of family, friends. However, isn’t always an effective use that misleading simplification exercise.

Suggesting a healthy environment where resources and growing dividends, is not so simple. To achieve this we must demonstrate to employees, friends included, that the structure of continuously changing business needs, and those who do not adapt to these changes will be relegated in corporate development. This means that no one can rely on friendship with the employer to act outside the rules.

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The positive result of a business proposal is directly related to good governance, with further understanding of the overall responsibility for all areas. Healthy diligence transmits wage fairness to assimilate the changes. That should be the best weapon, and an employer should never give up taking it.

The internal instability of a small business becomes the factor disintegration if proper measures are not taken, so that the relationship between employer and employees must pass their friends in the strict workplace. And if the decision to dispense with them to improve performance, you should never hesitate to do so, though, surely, friendship break.

Abuses of masquerading solidarity are common when a friend takes prerogatives that have nothing to do with his commitment and assumes them as an example of corporate loyalty. Such person never admits that the company will require him to comply as any other worker. If you end up running his dismissal by the deviation of competition, the person is outraged by the alleged ingratitude of his friend, who was just trying to do a favor for the company did not fail.

Profiting from friendship to use corporate tools to their advantage is usually very common when roles are not well defined. Hiring a friend for a job position should never be interpreted as a sign of autonomy as a privilege that lets you out of the job responsibility.

In any event, is usually a traumatic dismissal if the worker is attached to the company through his friendship with the employer. He hardly assumes that someone else is chosen to stay with the company, to the detriment of their privileges and friendship.

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