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How much a dream costs?

How much a dream costs?
A few weeks ago, a documentary performed the comparison between the new rich people and the new poor people of our society. The final conclusion threw that the circle of the poor was much more valuable in human relations, there was a constant closeness among families, meetings and group discussions were repeated, something lacking in the rich group, where rampant individualism and excruciating estrangement was increasing among people. All we envision an ideal, but nobody notices how much a dream costs.

The one who gave voice to the new poor said that the dream was for them to survive day to day, but others blamed their position having achieved the dream that had fought lifetime.

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The question is: how much does a dream cost? Is it possible to quantify? Having seen the documentary is easy to conclude that in terms of human relations the value of the needy are many more, but as the material side, the listing of the opulent life goes unparalleled. Notwithstanding this comparative, honestly, for me the value of what ambition is, it’s proportional to the effort to get involved.

Someone once said that the more you believe in the dream was closer fulfilled. It makes sense from a practical point of view, because the form of struggle to achieve it determines the chances of making it happen. This is usually very common in the field of entrepreneurship, where those arriving are those that were the furthest from the outset have known what they wanted and have made every effort to achieve it. On the other hand, that's the only way to survive, because neither the market nor the competition or customers are allies of the entrepreneur, but the area where you plant your success or failure.

When someone moves into the shadow of a dream everything seems possible. And it is time to make decisions, many of them unpopular, which are detrimental to the closest. But it is logical considering that if there is a river, efforts should be made to cross, because the secret is not to be overcome by adversity.

Finally there is the value given to the achievements. Because, any achievement is inseparable from their way of achievement, tricks are perceptible, everything looks. If his success comes at the expense of others, the person will bring together many dinners in the celebration party, but probably not anyone will go to his funeral.

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