jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Human capital

Human capital
"They will know how good I am when I go to another place where I valued," said a player when he was slowly moved from the team because of his age but not his talent, which increased with maturity. Unfortunately, this is a very common reality in companies who despise human capital. While you have him, you felt the need to abuse from him, but when lose him you miss. It is a serious mistake not to understand that today, human capital is the foundation of business success.

Many companies complain about the shortage of sufficiently trained professionals in areas such as science, engineering, specialized medicine, etc.. However, they deliberate neglect, ignore or despise their jobs proposals. This is an undeniable reality that should be corrected to enhance the competitiveness of the much-talked. Everything happens for assessing human capital and help to evolve, supporting their initiatives, leaving acting and enabling continuous training without these adversely affecting working conditions.

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If there is a real interest in promoting and caring for quality professionals, the mass of graduates in these disciplines will increase because students who are at the time of choosing a career path will go to those races, knowing that work without emigrating to other countries.

On the other hand, it is very important that the entry into the laboral market is not restrictive. Applying lessons learned in the field helps the professional to have more contact with the new techniques, living with new concepts. It is no use increasing the number of experts if in the end there is no chance of working. And when specialists are incorporated to businesses, they must guarantee continuity, must look after and support their initiatives.

Companies should understand that human capital entails rid starting all over again, starting to look for another piece to fit your needs, incorporate team work redesign from scratch training policy, prepare for the performance of tasks, etc.

Another setback for the rehabilitation of gear, where the new part must fit and start to pay without causing changes in the habits of production, is the need to update the computer where it is incorporated; the current structure must assimilate the knowledge and customs of the new element to properly combine the capabilities. I mean, invest time and effort in a rehabilitation that would have avoided preserving existing resources. 

Therefore, care is better human capital already has, rather than lose absurdly.

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