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Keys to partner well

Keys to partner well
To be completely honest, no one raises their associated placing initial focus of interest in the possibility of failure. It is natural to shun any mention of failure, but the hypothesis is true, is lurking to pounce when least expected. Therefore those who have suffered disappointment in the past know better face that moment of weakness, because they have already been there. Although the negative experience does not confer any advantage, it's good to know the keys to partner well.

When undertaking any element is learning it helps to know which way is best avoided. When deciding to create a society, as I understand, it is difficult to establish a forecast before you start, because the relationship between people not always transpires, at first glance, the true value.

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In addition, it is increasingly common to take to escape reality. This occurs when the person is tired of the job and believes that the time has come for independence. Then climbs to the false idea, that has already been seasoned enough, assuming enough responsibility in the exercise of their duties, which has been pushed to battle problems with designing their own strategies to increase dividends other. Therefore believes that the person will not be as hard to do for their own benefit and also have found the perfect partner with whom to associate. Colleague had already been running his own company, and also want to start over, etc. . Is this enough to engage in society? No.

A reader, whom I thank for their contribution, gave me the perfect definition of the process saying that to associate knowledge and sensitivity to operate with foreign talent is needed. That's the secret, though not the only one. My experience as a stock market investor has allowed me to use some of the rules of that work to fix the initial keys, as I understand, to partner:

  Set limits before starting, especially those related to the economic section, and can jeopardize family stability. This means how far the loss is tolerated and come to what extent will use its own resources or by borrowing, it is unwise to fall into the misconception that you can afford to borrow more debt.

    Not lose sight of the objectives of the association, regardless of the economic capacity of the partner. In any commercial activity should prevail benefits therefore movements that lead to losses should be eliminated, and if the business itself depends on it, must also be removed. Acting in this way the degree of maturity of the participants will be demonstrated.

    Not seek external culprits is fundamental. Despite the uneven level of contribution between partners, do not forget that by partnering with another person, even though believe us know their qualities, we do not know, therefore in the process of assimilation of the difficulties, it is best not blame the other, although the evidence give us reason but look for alternatives to increase the value of contributions instead of burning because of absurd disputes.

    Be flexible to take on the roles generates a positive time to absorb and improve joint management resources feedback. For the efficient development of the union must commit to contribute , not to impose , but often believe that everything will be better to do so ; in practice may be so, but it will be disavowing our partner as we break the harmony . If the purpose is always imposed, it is not necessary to knit societies but to go it alone.

    Learn to end the problem is a big plus. Making the decision to break up the company at the right time will prevent the growth of useless processes and legal disputes, taking responsibility and not solve anything. Often this model leads to the business end, even under intimidation partner to follow, because the consequences of delay in making the decision can be catastrophic.

Here are just some of the points that you must consider when partnering. There are still many other related persons will see in future articles.


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