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Learn to withstand failure

Learn to withstand failure
In these days people are talking about the composition of the new curriculum when running for a job, as it seems, the crisis has determined to base it on a new system of values, so it seems appropriate to address this issue from experience, to understand why you have to know to withstand failure.

Many times I have had interviews with people who wanted to join the job that my company was offering, but when it comes to sell your product, to sell their services, there is a poorly focused presentation. From these experiences I have been able to produce a small list of the most common type that I have found.

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The tasks and people. It is easy to give a touch to small things or situations that often occur in the performance of tasks and ultimately end up setting up a picture of success or failure, depending on conditions or attitudes of people.

Initial spark. Some very strong start in an activity, but then fell soon after, as if lost momentum. Perhaps this is the result of being exerting tasks that correspond to the individual's personal concerns or do not have the psychological stability to stay long in the same place, developing the same tasks.

Collective spark. Those who demonstrate a misleading value, because they are very prolific work in the shadow of other people, but nothing productive performing tasks alone. The best strategy to integrate a team of satisfactory production level is to find accommodation in groups of the same level and profile, because otherwise they end up contaminating the rest.

Spark fitfully. They are those who are motivated by the positive results, and act very effectively when they have run for, and vanish with the less pleasant moments. The big problem with this type of work is that is not able to interpret their function is determined by a circular chain, and that the only way to keep that streak is just putting all of you, not subject to the outcome goes.

No sparks. "I go very slowly, you must have patience with me," once told me a person when it came to their functions and performance. Well, it's a major outbreak of sincerity, but the question is: Can a mortgage company defend its operation? In the present circumstances, it is very difficult for a company to waste its resources keeping people who are not able to overcome every second, not every day, but every second of his worked and priced in salary hours. 

These days I attended a job interview for cold door salesman, and I noticed the exclusionary condition in which the offer was based. To stay on the team of candidates would have to demonstrate the ability to not turn back to the first setback in the implementation of the tasks; that is, people who were not looking to resign in the first week if not specify any sale of the product portfolio lead. So the labor market is currently prevails on all the knowledge, experience and other qualities bear knowledge fail.

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