jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Learning Benefits

Learning Benefits
"I have everything I need; now I'm going to teach these people what they need". These words seem to conform to the definition of a strong product. However, mortgage the chances of success of a proposal, based on our preferences and not the final consumers’, and is underestimating the potential benefits of learning. It is never good to go too fast.

All process entails a time of learning and assimilation. And even the accumulation of knowledge doesn´t guarantee understanding the reality of the people with whom we interact. Often we learn concepts or procedures without knowing what their true function is. It is like to read a book without knowing what it is for. The probability of failing grows as we persist in the error.

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The concept of entrepreneurship has, in a way, the same neglect. It is customary to pretend to launch a proposal without analyzing their fundamentals, at least the basic points such as: 

Why. The other day I read a great article in a newspaper that described the tendency of teachers to teach their students the square root when its usefulness in real life is scarce, unless you work in a specialized field where its use is forced. This is a good example of the need to know the reason that leads us to propose an action. Again we see that having an idea is not enough. In addition to conceiving we need to know is what it does and how to make it serve the common good. 

Who. It is undeniable that many times are spent efforts to studying and composing strategies and storefronts in order to offer the product to the best customers. If we do not meet the user’s profile we seek, we will be doomed to failure sooner than later. It is important spending time and effort in studying possible potential customers who are in the business field, rather than use it in speculating about profiles that we would attend but who are not at our field. 

How. When you do not have that perspective we discussed in the previous section,  is coming usually the mistake of overextending the scope, sidelining our preference profiles. Ideally, give up what does not belong to our preference profiles and fully engage to our real audience. Expand the scope rather than reduce it is to risk not reaching everyone. 

Where. Must meet specific demands such that occur in our field and not pretend create new demand when the absorption capacity is limited. There is no better strategy than the based on the need of the costumer. From this we have spoken many times when an entrepreneur comes up with an idea and tries to formalize it in an area of town that has no need for such a product. 

When. Is better to watch current events and assess their consequences. Analyze past events or situations that were actively involved in similar proposals, but in the past, it's probably wasting time. The ideal time to publicize the proposal is the next minute after having entirely clear what is sought.

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