viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

No Man's Land

It's easy to get caught in the teeth of the crisis.

No Man's Land
“They finally gave us a chance!” A friend told me, a businesswoman when she got the first contract with the Public Administration. However, do not take long to discover the secrets of the difficulty that he had led his venture.

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It was late 2008. She, like many other entrepreneurs, had launched his company. It had been required to comply with their tax obligations and at the end was not the much hyped liquidity to weather every day. Then began the relentless struggle for survival, illusion, future earnings, all remained in the background, there was no time for such things, you have to save the business. But ... unfortunately, many would be trapped in the voracity of the crisis and defaults in no man's land. This is an absurd reality if we look at the basics of entrepreneurship, which is based on creating something to evolve and thrive.

Normal people, especially those that launch for the first time a commercial initiative, acquire financial commitments to the bank with the Inland Revenue, etc.., and sit on the urgent need to meet all, even though few with them had been fulfilled.

"We've put everything we had," my friend said with tears in her eyes. They had given their possessions, which priceless wealth accumulated over years of work, to meet the ordinary expenses and to keep going. From overnight they had become funders of public projects, at the expense of his personal future and of her children.

However, the real misfortune comes at the end of the process when closing the business shows, because once it does releases the project, is time to assume the debts. And if the employer's commitment to its obligations leads him to deliver their goods to try to get to everything, literally stays in the street. In addition to the usual inclusion on a list of defaulters which prevents them from undertaking anything new. "Do not even give me a mobile phone," a woman told me at the end of a talk on employment. Where does that leave us? 

The question is, what about the thousands of entrepreneurs who have been in that situation? Where can people get? I know later businessmen currently working at paid employment and that cannot even collect their paychecks without an incident, because when the company that hires hits its monthly income, his account is seized. I do not mean withdrawing from the commitments, without no breath to find tricks to avoid obligations; just when I go to bed at night, I am overwhelmed by the question of:  how will have passed the day these entrepreneurs of the past?

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