miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Positive attitude, Surefire

Not collapsing in adversity is essential to succeed.

Positive attitude, Surefire
Today I bring here a simple story, with the willingness to put the focus on the message that contains and to illustrate that the steps that lead to success are not always placid. However, when you have positive attitude all is possible.

The history is about a scissors´ seller who spends his working day on the street. As usual, in the morning, before leaving, the sales manager meets them and undergoes them a ritual of flattery, noting aloud the virtues of each, while others praise and applause for animate and predisposes them to face the day with joy. Our salesman starts the day with enthusiasm, offers his scissors to everyone. The situation is repeated again and again. As time passes, the initial excitement turns into disappointment; If at first he offered the product with conviction, now he first looks to potential buyers, analyzes them, and the feelings they arouse in him, rather than address them, he ignores them.

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Finally, our hapless seller has to bear his misfortune with his relatives, the family, and his couple, who wait anxiously to know if he had a better day than yesterday. How is this avalanche of nonsense exceeded? How long would one hold at that job? What chance has to regain his self-esteem? Will improve performance in the following days? To reverse an adverse situation, is needed mental strength and attitude.

This that we have seen has a direct relation with the attitude. Having positive attitude keeps turning adversity into surmountable. There are always alternative ways to overcome setbacks. Being positive should be a statement of intent, to not bow to anything. At the end, the problems are individual; only you can overcome your problems, but, unfortunately, many people are often added in the celebration of your success. If the action does not meet the objectives does not mean that the world ends, you just have to overcome the time and follow. This can only be made if you believe in yourself. "Only with the attitude you won´t get nothing", a woman raised her voice once in the middle of my talk about sales strategies. She was right, but her analysis was starting backwards, because you cannot have attitude without action, but you can take action without attitude, and that is going to certain failure.

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