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Running away does not solve the problem

Running away does not solve the problem
It is best not to try to escape the problems, eventually finding you or worse, bear it in the saddlebag on the go. So what is healthier? Staying?  Or running away and fixing them elsewhere? I understand that escaping the problem does not help, as the stain is not removed by pulling the garment, but washing, the former can lead to deception, because getting rid of the source of conflict in our case leaving the place where it originated, we are not solving it but lengthening the outcome.

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Often knowing what to do is not enough, as to carry it out is complicated. Since then two realities are taken from a single decision. However, facing the problems is the best way to address resolution and go elsewhere with it can even lead to more serious consequences. This looks great in business where the entrepreneur comes from its place of origin, so that eventually returns to the ground where he pursued the business, and if burned before leaving the field of culture, in return the burnt ground is found, but the rest will still be there, waiting for him to make him pay, who knows, his cowardice.

Not recognizing the problem is not a good solution, because sooner or later comes to light, and we believe that perhaps it does not harm us but always ends up doing it. If someone is not able to identify the source of conflict is likely to be him, so it would be nice from a base of analysis focused on the individual. Certainly the least help to solve the problem is to waste time looking for external culprits. Although this society is very accustomed to doing evil in every action executed, the best way to shed a conflict is identifying the source of origin, quickly seek alternatives to a healthy solution, facing the elements that make up firmly and assuming the consequences without losing the honesty.

Disappear from a contaminated environment is not really correct, wasted damage accompanies the person wherever he goes. On the other hand, plays an important role when the psychological aspect has internalized the problem and its consequences are assumed to be a personal burden, something always difficult to avoid. Although an immediate departure is formalized, the person cannot shake the awareness of that all the time, after every action will compare the facts with the root of the problem which has led to the flight, creating a much longer and tortuous condition.

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