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Sex businesses

Sex businesses
Do not be swayed by the article title, I tell you that will not talk about sex, but how heavy sex and companies who decide how they value it. Everything is due to visit this week to a friend who had just opened a family business. I was very surprised to find that his entire team was made up of men, when the activity that developed was perfectly suited for women. His argument was clear: women are more likely to be low than men, said. Where does this very objective differentiation of effort or commitment? You like it or not, are there, latent in every recruitment companies.

As discussed prudent, gender inequality benefits the economy because it helps companies make more rational decisions in the short term, which should assess the possible setbacks in terms of frequency of permits, exposure to stress, etc. You may or may not agree with this, but it is what determines the market itself, and consequently the lines are responsible for hiring the workforce.

I will say that this system not objective explains how, in many countries the number of women going to college far exceeds that of men, which determines a much more educated social mass, but the salary earned is 45 % less than they. Unfortunately, corporate economic decisions are still reflections of the male starting. Therefore, even having more women in universities, our labor market absorbs only half of them, in proportion to hiring hands for men.

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Moreover, as we have said many times, there is evidence that women make better academic results than men, but almost no leadership positions or very few manage to launch her own business. And if we look at the jobs where they perform the same tasks that they, not surprising to find that they make more than them. Is this reasonable? I'm afraid not.

"Tell them that you, a man and if you make it", I used to say my partner when an internal conflict should be resolved. She was not getting out of the middle or belittling their contribution to the company simply was realistic and was considering the possibility of solving problems immediately. This really is more cultural than economic.

Returning to the argument of my entrepreneur friend, I must admit that there is an undeniable truth in its reasoning, not in terms of the propensity of women to ask permission, but many entrepreneurs think the same. Naturally, you cannot blame them, because the hierarchical structures are designed in this way, where men, until recently, at least in our society, the family remained economically and women took care of the house. That's what leads to a responsible human resources arises, to the need to hire for a job, if a man will be less exposed to the aid of family needs short term or not.

Therefore, if someone claims that we are balancing the scales in terms of equality in the labor market, I would say that is not right. In many sectors, not even been raised that equality and gender assessments to prioritize even when hiring.

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