miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

Starting a business with zero investment

Starting a business with zero investment
Today I bring to share the steps we followed a while ago to create a company out of your country. I do not intend to turn it into a tool to undertake, simply explaining how we managed to start a business with zero investment.

 The development of this project followed the following steps:

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  1. Identify. From establishing business relations with some Latin American countries and, after suffering countless setbacks to transport our goods, we started working on the identification of opportunities to improve in this sector. The goal was to provide an effective service; compete with existing business in the area of local companies; match their prices, very complicated due to the informality and improvisation to which they were accustomed.
  1. Locating resources. The second phase of this initiative should focus on locating resources. Here we find two possibilities for implementation. One, buying the whole structure there, trucks, vans, office space, etc. Two, bringing together the small carriers that it already had but lacked resources and management system. We opted for the second option. So we worked on the identification and tracking of all individual carriers covering certain profile of seriousness and responsibility; and they had enough capacity to carry out the work.
  1. Structuring. We structured the work from existing resources. As we moved forward in identifying our potential source of materials, we realized that it was not necessary to make any investment in terms of vehicles and internal transport, that we already existed there were only scattered and individual instruments were working without control. Then, once identified, we proposed a mixed structure where they continued to work on their own, but under the tent of our initiative. Under control and guidelines we marked, using their own management teams, local transportation.
  1. Controls. This is the only area where there we plated mixed management. The control we exercised was based on a European structure with quality service, with defined prices. It was a way of introducing changes in the standard management system, which also helped to present a better alternative to potential customers. Due to the growing dissatisfaction of consumers of this service, present it as a European management increased the chances of acceptance.
  1. Commissioning. The final part of this proposal was already designed to rise even before creation. The companies established there were suffering the same problems as us with the existing transportation system, so it came to our proposal a hopeful solve for continuous setbacks deliveries. Therefore, we immediately demanded a company that would guarantee delivery terms and form of its products. So there was already a large group of companies awaiting the initiative that would be put in place to contract.
This was the procedure that led us to establishing ourselves in the country where we originally started working now, not without complications and setbacks of implementation of an initiative of this kind.

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