martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Take Action

 Never was so important renounce passivity.
Take Action

"What is the Productive Interest?" asked me a woman after an informal meeting. "It is a tool to take action" I replied, trying to define my product with the best words. "What does that mean?" She insisted. It took me a while to think of a didactic explanation, to satisfy the curiosity of my listener, who smiled about my way of explaining rather than for the weight of my argument.

These questions made me see the necessity of simplifying the way of the knowledge reaching people. It is true that knowledge, nowadays, is at everybody´s reach. There are many documents or platforms with educational content, but the difficulty to take it to everyone is a lot. Moving someone from the state of passivity is very complicated. It is easy to nourish our curiosity in any area of interest, even without leaving our state of rest, but what we seek is action. The Productive Interest is a tool to convert the state of passive knowledge to active, a way to take action. In this process of learning to act, we will use a systematic question: how will we do it?

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Currently, people carry in back the knowledge, however, they employ only a few of the initiatives they have. Most of people are not able to apply them to new values. It is very important knowing how to take advantage of received information. However, this passivity is not anyone's fault, is for the lack of resources to implement it.  Is great the lack of training to develop ourselves beyond our regular work. For more failures that we carry, sometimes we are not able to use the knowledge of the past and we don't try to improve to a healthier and more lasting understanding.

At work, this situation is obvious. Immobility is the poison that grips many people, who do not found a job. They are unable to propose alternatives to leave the circle of inactivity. They could, surely, if they knew their skills, but they do not because they don’t know how. The goal of Productive Interest is to convert the information received in new sources of action. How do we do it? We must decide to act, we must define objectives and examine the scope and taking advantage of the little nuances that the market offers to business opportunities. This proposal is based on learning and the action, acquire knowledge and put it into practice, explore opportunities and take action.

It is not necessary to use great definitions to meet the necessity of people. Simply focusing the effort to joint an effective teaching tool to leverage their knowledge, their experience, would be sufficient. The time to take advantage of the little details, moments, new ideas, has come. This will be a long and winding road, but only the small things will bring people hope.

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