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The ability to manage success

Staying up in the success is as difficult as climbing up there.

The ability to manage success
How ensuring the success without control? We have seen and heard just about everything about strategies, tips, opportunities for success, but not many arguments about the danger of mistakenly manage. Many entrepreneurs have risen as foam to the top and finish off a cliff and then disappearing without a trace of the sector where they had become the paradigm of reputation, without even realizing their inability to manage success.

Unfortunately, it is a much more complicated and arduous process that climb down. When current success pushes everything is fabulous, the doors are all open, claiming over the achiever. The trouble is that the time and capital in building connections that have no basis or persist over time its wasting time. Success has a hallucinogenic effect in a person. If this phase is not exceeded, otherwise it becomes a reality and the possible consequences of spending resources on sectors or activities that have nothing to do with the business itself it’s calculated, the chance of falling is extremely close.

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It's so bad not knowing manage resources enough to succeed as mismanaging euphoria. "I cannot be at the level we have been until recently," said my partner when we asked the bankruptcy of one of our companies. They were deep words. The large rear vacuum, the mortgaged resources, the pace of life so out of reach, projects suddenly arrested. Even the ideas that were about to materialize it went off because of under tension loss.

However, all the experiences left a lot of learning. That situation reinvented an extracted lesson as an entrepreneur, and he quickly found alternate paths to take him to different sectors. So another company was immediately created with a different profile that we had so far and encouraged, alongside the dismantling of a major initiative did grow another. No need to be enlightened to perform this maneuver, simply use the knowledge and experience and will have to survive the catastrophe; because the destruction of any initiative is always a catastrophe for the person.

"How long will this crisis last," a businessman asked a friend not long ago, "because I'm losing everything, I cannot keep or transport medium," which was a direct threat to their survival, because his company was acting in the logistics and shipping sector. "They said the crisis was running," he said, with a look of surprise, knowing that the last gasp of the crisis would take ahead. What we understood at the time was that this economy will come alive only to those who can reinvent and endure; these are what will keep your business at the end of this long economic downturn. The rest, unfortunately, are doomed only to cover debts. Why? Even if it hurts to admit it, many will not be able to manage the boom in prosperity.


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