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The behaviors price

The behaviors price
The regularity of staff performance is the result of perseverance and balanced behavior before tasks therefore is a must for achieving professional excellence and corporate recognitions end. Many times, for not saying almost always, people tend to act and then assess the consequences of the action just performed. However, to avoid surprises, you should invest that system performance, because the price behavior is found with results difficult to take, whether products of the immediate action.

This abnormality between action and its consequences is vital in the workplace, where the outcomes of actions often determine the continuity or not of the worker in his job. Everything depends on the ability of the company responsible for assessing whether an action is decisive or not, or if a comment is harmful or not. Unfortunately it is not always possible that you view a negative action as a positive one, so that the most immediate solution is to ignore what the person has done. If the contribution of a worker within the overall gearing of the company is of little relevance, it costs nothing to dispense with his services, penalizing them for the slightest mistake.

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Inertia often leads them to act without realizing that, despite not cause any harm to anyone, the people responsible for assessing the actions they deem unsuitable. At the end of the day, it is an exercise in people to people, where errors or points of view are inevitable.

For better or worse, the attitude a lot penalizes workplace, because it determines the valuation map of the human resources managers make for the worker. Sometimes go with the tide polluted others is crucial to losing the job. On the other hand, if there is no strict control, an imbalance occurs between the teams, because the whole group is penalized for the absence of one of its members.

Naturally, the bad attitude of one of the components of the team pollutes the whole environment; it creates in others the need to interact when they should move away from the focus of the conflict. Workers tend to always putting the relationship with peers on common sense or corporate requirements. That's the main reason why it is almost never possible to break away from the trouble spots.

However, the end of the correction process is very simple: the dismissal. At that point you realize that firing costs nothing, and that the company is only a change of record, which removes an item and places a new one, without any sentimental, economic or psychological bondage. Therefore is always better avoiding getting into that situation, because losing the job today costs nothing. And this fact is irrelevant to the size of companies, is indifferent to domestic politics, since when should undertake a correction, do it with a tyranny that knows no sentiment or personal commitments.


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