lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

The failure does not kill

The failure does not kill
"I do not do anything because I do not want to fail". Is it rational to think in this way? Now, the power of the mind is so extraordinary that it is able to reverse the values of things just to protect a person. Once it detects a minimum possibility of danger, either physical or social consequence, is transformed into a computer cause-consequence hypothetical, leaving the rational state to advance by assumptions. Many cling to these figurative possibilities and are unable to move. This state puts the person in the introspection, where the feelings are imposed to reason or to the natural values, ultimately, to the actual consequences. The one who retains the reason in a moment of panic has the best weapon for surviving it, because it verifies that the failure does not kill.

Following step by step the gestation of an initiative, you can check that implement it is not always associated succeed or fail, but with an idea in order to share it with others and profit. Therefore, until this moment is all mechanical, because it depends on the ability to take advantage of existing resources, the market need and creativity at the moment to raise its structure.

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My recommendation when launching an initiative is keeping track of the movement of the market, the need of the people, including the concerns of the interested parties. You can't articulate a proposal in field that does not produce demands that you are offering.

Not long ago, in the course of a casual conversation with a group of immigrants, I discovered how they had created a new system for dealing with their monthly expenses without converting it in business. The operation was the most simple and particular. They had agreed on a group of 10 people, make a deposit of 200 euro’s per head every month, each month one of the participants picked the entire deposit, and spent it in their personal needs. The following month it was over to another person and so on up to close the circle and start again. I thought it was an innovative strategy to combat the real needs of an environment that would not have access to that amount of money in another way.

When I saw the validity of this initiative to be funded month to month, assaulted me the question of what would happen if in the middle of the process the initiative failed? I discovered, to my surprise that for them was more powerful the need to get funded that fear itself to losing everything.

Finally, to achieve an initiative in the right sector and get performance, trust is crucial. Trust that the idea is the best and trust in the ability of the potential customers, if the product meets their needs.

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