jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

The value of gratitude today

How many of the thanks we get are true?

The value of gratitude today
"I am extremely happy; everything went well ", were the words of someone who has just opened her own business. I saw in her the euphoria of conceiving an idea and carrying it out. There were many who attended the opening ceremony. At the end, overwhelmed by hugs and kisses, it came to the new entrepreneur a second moment of euphoria, just as his proposal harvested absolute acceptance of her target audience. It was time to check the value of gratitude.

It is natural to get excited about a project just observing the high interest of potential users. If that happens, the entrepreneurial crop an extraordinary euphoria that has positioned their proposal in front of potential success. The most intelligent thing that can be recommended in these cases is to seize this moment of euphoria in favor of the idea itself, because in that moment of tranquility and satisfaction we can better visualize all the added value surrounding the initiative. Nor is that in the initial success you have to lose sight of what is at hand, you just have to enjoy the moment and get that euphoria generate new resources, new elements that uncertainty had been keeping from our eyes. So a single positive result generates a big positive one. My second recommendation would be to forget the hugs and kisses, because half of these acts are worthless.

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Let's talk a moment of personal and professional gratitude as a result of an action. Arguably, the greatest desire of a creator is to receive gratitude for his work, not in economic terms but in an emotional, personal term. Perceiving the complete satisfaction of the other person when meeting our creation generates an impossible mental strength to put into words. Gratitude is when bustles; everyone feels compelled to thank us as worthy result. However, one can not estimate the size of the proposal on the basis that only reward misleading, because gratitude is the most devalued expression of our time. The education system has wrought us on social term, has led us to assume that expression as an obligation, when it should not be. We really should just say “thank you” for what you really deserve it, but with undeniable sincerity. Not long ago a woman asked me the time. "Thank you!" She said when I told her. “No, thank you," I said instinctively, as if she were the one who had given me something, when the reality was just the opposite. This mechanization of the word carries the loss of real value; because they have taught us to be educated so hard that eventually assume expressions spontaneously, when in fact carry a great mood and content should be generated from an authentic feeling.

Gratitude is much more complicated in commercial terms or innovation, because the salaries are measured in material concepts, which translates to satisfaction items, snatching the person. Of course the relationship is hinged on a fair exchange of needs, but satisfaction pays the creator moves to produce your own money. The buyer is infinitely happier when it gets over your money in exchange for a product whose value considered appropriate and disbursement made, instead of focusing on the product itself or the person who created it. Accordingly, the gratitude of a commercial nature never responds to welfare access to an item created by a person, but of the idea of ​​doing a good business. 

But despite all this, there is an impulse of gratitude you create in the customer having to repeat the same exchange with us. If we get to meet their material needs, they will return to us. That will be our victory. The result will always be the result of a well-executed action, which cannot be drawn from scratch. It is therefore futile to base our search on gratitude for what we have created or started, because if they are really worth, they will come, and if we look too hard only deceive will succeed.

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