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The value of ideas

Having an idea is threatening others.

The value of ideas
Creativity is inherent to individuals, we have a spark of creativity naturally, that is, we are all able to create something, and so is the engine that drives relationships, innovation initiatives, designing strategies. However, developing this capability to carry out a productive creation is another story. Rarely do we consider the value of ideas.

This society has created a scenario where valuing people only look the best, but how much truth is there in that? They are not always the best at that stage, and all the best are there. Creative, innovative, enterprising quietly living their talents, while a group of best middling feast at the banquet given recognition abound.

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“I have an idea!” The most common thing is that all are expectant of this phrase, and that most prepare to throw down, to criticize without making the slightest judgment. At the time of making public an idea, the more hostile sector is the most immediate environment, because they are the first to know and comment. However, this environment is the best barometer to draw two conclusions: first, whether friends or acquaintances are baited with what we prepare is that the idea has a high value, because otherwise they would have encouraged elated, convinced of the failure. But finding the value is determined to look for anomalies to prevent fruition. Second, the outcome of this assessment should be used to measure the validity of the group around us. If the initiative is critical of our friends, we will have to see what type are we surrounded, because if they do not support our initiative, even for commitment, they will probably evaporate at critical times.

This same scenario is played when carrying a new idea to potential investors or when a person in the neighborhood becomes an entrepreneur. The looks of hostility to the initiative are immediate and, unwittingly, the person receives the load derogatory entrepreneurs carry. Should not, but is seen to have an idea is to create a threat to the poor who think creative.

I give a huge value to initiatives that grow outside the critical eyes of the environment, because they often show the value of the person, who has externalized taking all the best of him, which is ultimately what matters.
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