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What other people think

What other people think
In today's society, where small details become reality or distort the messages, apparently, it is extremely important to be careful to know what others think and then act. Moved this phenomenon to the business, its value and its consequences are multiplied infinitely, so that they become part of larger business strategies of many companies. Honestly, not much has been achieved with it, but everyone has it in mind.

Replacing the importance of priorities usually manifests in the simplest actions, in this case reveals the need to assume what other people think, to act accordingly. In short, making a false reference is setting to true and from that point on the basis of performance.

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The enterprises are not oblivious to this reality. If someone feels the closeness of a competitor, he blood rises to the head; blind with rage comes to grab his product and takes advantage of its strategy. Instead of assuming that maybe the competitor has come out of necessity, that you really are interested in consuming the product, you think otherwise, predisposing entire performance to a vicious and malicious base.

Why do we act in this way? Why the premise of the whole movement must be evil, misconduct or cheating? Perhaps the problem, the real problem is the wrong focus setting of the lens; instead of looking from a constructive perspective tends to look from the destructive, negative findings, instead of acting positively.

Therefore, while not being aware that it is better to take the time to examine the strengths of oneself, seek to identify weaknesses and improve, it is impossible to overcome the psychological barrier that stifles creativity, and the person has the false idea of looking at others first, and then act to protect themselves. Actually, the system should be, look what you have, increase it, and act. As seen, at no time mentioned to others, so that component is not as important as you want to believe.

Moreover, the fear of losing the initiative on a proposal or product, it is also unrealistic. No competition is always about to observe, and then try to run the same activity. Therefore, consider the following:

- No one can earn 100% of the structure of a product, so it is impossible to copy, because the foundation of everything is in the hands of the creator.

- It is vital to be sure of what you are doing; that way there is no risk of losing the stirrup of reality, one common thread to success. The creator of an initiative to know the origin of this creation has a better chance to make changes or improvements in the product structure.

- If there is interest in what was created, only that detail is a success, because generate interest in others is the prime objective of a creation, and if that interest is generated in the competition, the better.

Generate an action without predispose to the designs of others is ideal to impose the idea on the market situation. And it is the way to preserve its foundation until the end, making it unique and irreplaceable.

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