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Employer to employee

Employer to employee
Today we are witnessing a radical change in the laboral market, where many professionals and entrepreneurs have been forced to fend off the competition field where they were accustomed to perform. This global crisis has created an unbalanced and unpredictable labor scenario where some parts are not placed, where professionals should not take the place they deserve. But all that irrational map change, in which the need has been imposed over the capacity, projecting the transformation that has taken many people to become employer to employee, it is the only way of achieving the income they need.

However, this conversion is not so simple, for the little reticent attitude of some companies to assess the curriculums of these entrepreneurs of the past. Even some rejected them for the position they are bidding for the weight of their experiences, because they have too much experience for the worker training they need. Some even go further and predict that the burden of training and experience will not allow the person to perform their duties with dignity.

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But viewed objectively, such candidates can only offer benefits because,

- They know the internal procedures of corporate governance, which guarantees them to deal with criteria in teams and assume the prerogatives harmoniously, and not to exceed or fall short of their professional performance.

- They have experience of handling any situation and to make the right decision. The performance of functions of responsibility is a value added to post works, than few can offer.

- He cannot lose what he learned despite some companies involve well. It is a misconception thinking that a person, who has taken the direction of a company and has had the experience of managing a team, will lose their qualities by simply turning to a lower professional level. It is not be the vision we should have of an experienced and full of knowledge worker.

This is not a matter of commitment and personality, but learning to properly use all the flow of information acquired during the shooting in important positions. If a company neglects this package of experience and knowledge, it’s making a big mistake.

- The experience of being exposed to problems is priceless. It’s not acting on a theory, but facts that derive from the reality of having faced the problems of management and having designed strategies to overcome them, which gives the person calm enough to face the difficulties and to restate solutions.

Why then assume that an entrepreneur should lose its identity by becoming employed? Although there are no parameters to confirm this theory, the feeling is that many recruiters fear responsible candidates with experience, because they believe that this flow will prevent them from adapting to the obligations. However, having experience and knowledge helps people to understand that if a situation or a job change request must assume without trauma, because that is the time to live. Therefore, it is a mistake to believe that someone will not adapt to the new reality by being in a lower position than usual, or offering lower commitment to the tasks or shunning corporate responsibilities.
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