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Fear is mediocre

Fear is mediocre"Fear is mediocre", I repeated to my drama teacher when I had to represent a pushover. "Think how a mediocre act of the difficulty ... would stay doing nothing," he said. Of course, fear is the flame that consumes the facing a new situation, which eventually can be extremely harmful.

Without opening the door is impossible to know what is on the other side. Seize because of fear prevents cross that threshold so many others had led them to success. Fortunately, when we talk about business or personal endeavors initiatives, is required to open the door and discover what lies on the other side, because nobody can live on assumptions, but in reality. “You cannot live on what would have happened if I had...?” You need to step forward.

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Sergio was an extraordinary student, who had passed all stages of training with honors. However, as it advanced level decreased his participation in important events where there was outstanding. He looked with little desire to participate, contributed fewer alternatives to the problems proposed by teachers, brought little strangely elaborate works, etc. Before finishing media studies and go to college, the tutor who accompanied him on the past year sent him to the school psychologist. "To help you choose the best college career," he said.

Sergio responded perfectly to the analytical incentives that rose the psychologist sessions. So he could share moments of true friendship, elaborate new strategies to improve the techniques of analysis of people and many other things as common tasks. It was really bright from Sergio approaching to the sessions with the psychologist. So much so that was the day session was presented as the most productive in any area of work, but the days that he should not go by the psychologist just offered nothing, rambled for an irrational world that got on his nerves teachers. If a young friendly and helpful, Sergio passed to adopt violent attitudes, was prone to unjustified anger, emitting offensive, completely inappropriate for their level of intelligence and his natural ability.

The conclusion we reach is that the psychologist who treated Sergio was simple: he was afraid of the University; was terrified to face the unknown. Didn’t have to deal with the approach of the psychologist, because he knew how he was able to solve problems quite easily, and also had the collusion of the psychologist, which created a very favorable environment used in complete comfort. However, the unknown, as was the university, was terrifying for him. Sergio was not able to face the future reality of going to college. The mere thought of it would generate a state of anxiety that incapacitated him to perform other tasks or to enhance other areas of his priceless natural ability. In short, it was fear that made him a mediocre, even though he had few common qualities of most part of people around.

Unfortunately, this story describes the reality of many creative people, who end giving up their potential so as not to face this crucial thrive in the project, in the idea. I do not think fear is mediocre, but do not try to overcome it.

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