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Keys to success

Keys to success
Someone, during a work meeting asked me to enumerate the keys to success. It is not easy to establish a list of professional priorities to ensure success, but the speed that required demand, led me to bring the following three points: 

Written presentation. The best presentation of a person or company is the content of their written materials. I have found every situation with a letter in my hands, sent by someone to express their appreciation or to present their product, which should submit to the disastrous experience of reading texts written with unpardonable grammatical shenanigans.

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An effective tool if used well, or only trace left after an interview, it becomes an error in the hands of poorly prepared. If a professional letter is sent it must be well written,  should contain just enough information to submit the proposal, must be charged of the exact words, checked a thousand times if necessary, because otherwise the most powerful weapon finishes killing the proposal. Clearly the abuse of new technologies currently dominates the short messages every day, is prepared while traveling by train or while meeting family commitments, but that does not mean neglecting the content or message of the material presentation aims to bring together potential buyers to an idea. 

Good presentation. Analyzing the first point and do not going with other elements such as good presentation, knowledge of the environment, consistency of approach, also serve to convince anyone. It is imperative, once we get together all the elements that make up our map resource, we have to define the outcome that we hope to achieve, focus on foundation and find the best way to get there. Surely such a quest it is not far away too much of what we have already talked about it many times: the strength of one, skills, knowledge and the predisposition to succeed. And above all these factors is the naturally betray when one is not conditioned to look for another one with empty words; everyone will know what you can offer just looking at the appearance, physical, mental, spiritual, professional. 

Set goals. Many times we are so eager to face the moment of opportunity that we lose sight of the elements of success, or at least the information that can allow that opportunity to convert on a path to success. Most part of life we dedicated it to tasks that are not to our liking or we have never wished for us but we do it out of necessity, by taxation or commitment. Therefore, it is important to set objectives, based on our own interests and desires, not to miss the opportunity to access what we want from life or putting our proposal. If you start with these three points, you will have cleared the path for inaccuracies or uncertainties that have already established an effective plan of attack.
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