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My rights are your obligations

My rights are your obligations
Shortly before 8 in the morning the phone rang in the home. A great hubbub arose in the house until someone got answer, convinced that the emphasis should be a family emergency or circumstances of some significance. However, in the other side of the phone, a commercial agent began to argue about your product with all the naturalness of the world. In this hours? The question is: where is the respect for the privacy of individuals? It is understandable that large companies commercialize with the personal data of consumers, in most cases without even consult, but allow this violation without consent is inexplicable. Do they think that of: my rights are your obligations?

A place where we can draw the best ratings is the interaction with peers. Exercising respect of the common rights of a collective is as difficult as precise due to the limits, because many times, they are marked for the convenience of everyone, and not according to this fundamental right belonging to the people and is determined equally by the thought that others deserve the same as you ask for yourself.

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However, it seems that when it comes to rights, the focus only points to one direction: the other person. So you are required to comply with such self righteousness more than one meets them. This regime seems insignificant when the analysis of the need to defend themselves by attacking, but not so much as the shadow of the attack consumes the rights of privacy, the right to decide freely, or live without harming the common privileges.

Between legitimate and respect there is such a fine line that anyone dares to trespass to demand their rights, but almost always without considering the other side there is also a person with rights and obligations. This society has led us to fight increasingly harder on our belongings, little by little; we have evolved the sense of fairness, the benefit of a stubborn and harmful individualism.

There are areas where this reality is more ambiguous, because the distance exists at the moment of the contact between the attacker and the attacked. This sector is the world of telemarketing, where there are no rules, and if there are no notes as it should, because it's very easy to skip the wall of respect or consideration when contact occurs by telephone, without a deal visual or physical.

Never the rights of one can be more important than the others, and demanded respect should be proportional to what is offered. Unfortunately, today, due to the excessive increase of trade relations via phone, a consumer is required to learn your rights which, although invisible, there safeguard and privacy or the right to decide whether or not a commercial firm cannot contact in the private phone number.

On the other hand, it also helps to know the routes of access to personal data, because we do not always care to read the small print of contracts, so that in a studied and not always clean way, bind the consumer to a redundant world than end up acting against the peace and privacy of the families. As much as many would believe and proclaim, not anything goes in the world of sales.

But to get consensus on respect feasible, we have to understand that it is harder to stop to look at one to see the needs of others. However, it is not impossible to consider that such have the same rights as yourself.
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