sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Overall concept, unavoidable error

We're not all in the same bag.

Overall concept, unavoidable error
Yesterday I visited a friend, a renowned communicator, who, in a display of responsibility concepts, made me acknowledge a mistake on a definition that I had been using frequently in my past articles. I’m referring to the definition of politicians. That derogatory reference we usually do, with the first person who holds or exercises a public office.

It is true that not a few public figures have undergone countless blunders, allegedly or not, and that word has been poisoned until being converted in almost an appellation a bit dangerous. But, honestly, we must recognize that not all politicians are the same. There are huge numbers of people mortgaging their time and effort for the benefit of others, of citizens. Many politicians have shown us through history that it is possible to combine honesty with power, despite the efforts of a few to convince us otherwise.

But the clarification of my friend took me to a question: why do we have embraced globalization concepts?

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Returning to the subject the reviled political class, we must recognize that many leaders spend time in serving citizens. Others do not. Unfortunately, human consciousness is more sensitive to the nonsense that to the virtues and often we are not able to separate the good thing from the bad, but rather, we chose away from them with contemptuous sneer. It should not be that way, because we all are the society, no one is stranger to the social problems, to the lies, to the deceptions.

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