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Pessimism destroy

Pessimism destroy
How to define someone whose proposals never go wrong? , A failed? Brave? Should not cause pessimism achieve the objectives? No. The pessimism destroys any aspiration; a weed is able to expand in the strongest wills. Pessimism is the back of enthusiasm where discouragement and hesitation, salvageable only stored by the boldness and effort, leaning to counter the life and face the day without hesitation.

This life does not judge anyone, but men do, very prone to such a sentence without pity, and if it is the result of a venture, much more. However, I know someone indifferent to that judgment. This person has opened five companies in the last fifteen years, of which three had to close almost immediately and the other two had an average life of five years each.

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The value of this business blossomed before me few days ago when I bumped into her and she confided preliminary to formalize a new idea. I found excited as the first day of his first company, just overwhelmed by the preparations, but at no time referred me adversities of their previous proposals.

The attitude and the will of this person made me see my pessimism. In my case I really get something going hard after a disappointment. However, through it I realized several things:

     If something goes wrong is not the end of the world nor should constantly drive misfortune. This life rewards those who fall and rise a thousand times; the more times someone falls, should rise faster.

     The enthusiasm has nothing to do with history or with past experiences. Recover from the disappointment is to open a door to a new landscape, where you can breathe fresh air and new ideas are formalized.

     We must never believe that the past is tomorrow, because doing so is to give up access; the more one is found clinging to bad experiences or bad times is more tied to unreality. Brooding over failures all the time is mediocre.

At the end of the day, only one mime knows the circumstances that led him to disappointment, and has only got there because he has done something. Give value to views deriving from a distance, without having had contact with the base of the problem, only serves to weaken the morale and impoverish the ability to create or propose new alternatives, and instills pessimism.

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