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Sale of quality

Sale of quality
In the world of sales is common to find detailed marketing strategies or guidelines to deal with the initial contact between the product and the prospective buyer. Therefore, there is ample literature. However, we would like to briefly address the sale of quality and its implications. You cannot address this issue without mentioning that many companies require their vendors too, without reflecting on the backgrounds of its own market, subtracting from the reality of the recipients of its offer and the requirements of excellence in the sales process.

In the field of sales there are certain parameters that determine whether or not you can sell a product, and any event outside those rules involves the use of a few tricks rewarding for the buyer, who is convinced that he is offering something that matches your demand or need. Naturally to sell must exist:

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- Human capital

- Interest in the product, because otherwise you argue about the importance or not to acquire the offered product is a waste of time. No change of opinion on a real spending is not only a result of a fiery exhibition, but on the contrary, the emphasis can lead to anger or rejection of future bids. Another different thing is to create interest around a product.

- Real possibility to deploy a complete exposure to the desired outcome that ends in sale. However, keep arguing or not depends on the ability of the seller to confirm that likelihood. You can see when there is possibility of sale and when not.

- Clarity in the presentation of the product characteristics, as this makes it easier when the product is in the hands of the buyer; there is no doubt that what has been offered and the confidence to grow the brand there. 

Many times, selling in any way is an obligation that comes with conservation workstation vendor. Therefore, this fact prevents the seller's personal investment in improving the strategy or measuring the quality of interaction with potential buyers. This type of relationship can cause:

- The sale is not confirmed, because after the dialectical abuse to which he subjected the buyer thinks and realizes that all the information flow does not meet your need, which results in that period of time between information and confirmation prefer not confirm the purchase.

- Allocate too great flow of information can lead to not adjust the details of the nature of the product itself, so the prospective buyer receives data from all real, it promises more than it can meet, which is a serious problem for the future. Not prove the disclosure is a big disappointment for the buyer, and feels cheated and despised.

Standards of excellence should be a compulsory strategy to ensure a lasting relationship between the product and the customer. It is the effective way to convey accurate information within the framework of respect and accuracy.

Unfortunately, you cannot always avoid selling prevail to the quality, if companies are subject to a commitment higher return than normal, which leads them to transmit on demand to their workers, who interpret this need as an encouragement to forget about quality in profit from the sale at any price. This strategy promotes a lack of commitment to the product and customer, facilitates deception and creates ambiguities when presenting the product. Half-truths, that are not lies or truths, those are a subtle diversion that helps the product to fit the need of the prospective buyer, generating a negative result because:

- The product is distorted when it reaches the consumer; discovers that it is not as much as had been told, doesn’t respond accurately to what was promised, which leads to the social contribution of the article slowly decay.

- The corporate image mess with customer disappointment. The first step where a buyer disappointed looks is in the managing company of the sale; even focuses on the manufacturer, but the selling company, who includes in its blacklist of sites you should not go back in the future or where should I trust easily.
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