viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Talent and action

Talent and action
When we say that the market has changed, not necessarily referring to the usual concepts of procurement and commercial values, but the management system and positioning of the proposals, the evolution of the quality of candidates and the ability to commercialize ideas, have changed. Capitalize the talent means recovers the investment in the training and knowledge, whether personal or corporate.

A competent worker is one who can integrate into the nature of their tasks and the mechanisms known to sell him as a product separated from marketing their ideas to market. The capitalization of the proposal results in proposing new experiences, innovating in the workplace, changing behaviors and habits to present flexible alternatives. In short, apply learning and charge for it.

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The first step for quality involves a constant monitoring changes either the market, consumer habits, trends, new technologies, etc.

It also helps creating multiple horizons and not focusing on a single proposal. We are accustomed to responding only to task that we know, but the market tends to diversify tasks and knowledge to cover more ground without broadening the cost of resources.

Therefore, it is a increasingly profitable capitalization in short-term, based on a continuing review of procedures, management systems and funding sources. Despite of this diversification of tasks which we speak, currently funders tend to particularize their investments, buying one package, the content offers a wide variety of possibilities, because this formula allows a greater control of the flow of profits or losses.

On the other hand, we can’t forget the not inconsiderable influence of going to the right markets, especially those that provide a correlation between knowledge and the workplace. That is, the best strategy is one that can control the effort and the result, balancing between the cost and the quality of the results. Knowledge is valuable, so you should receive a proportionate payment for the quality invested in acquire it.

We've always heard that competition is healthy. However, the market force us to compete in different activities to which we are not accustomed, while maintaining the quality, inventiveness, without increasing the cost.

Finally, the change must come through the transformation of customs and investing in getting knowledge. Acquire training and experience, if possible at the same time must be the way to improve our application and to enter the market without any complex.

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