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The costume of dismissal

The costume of dismissal
When instability takes over the internal structure of a company, or at least some of their work areas, the biggest losers are the workers, because they embark on a continuous journey by uncertainty, insecurity or speculation, which end up consuming any kind of commitment or understanding with the tasks. In such an environment, the guise of dismissal is varied, and there is no reason to encourage harmony with corporate committed nor a possibility of rapprochement between workers and team leaders.

At the same time, if the instability is accompanied by the inability of those responsible for the adjustment of their workforce, continued practicing in teams changes, it is almost impossible to find a reason to commit, and the production capacity is reduced to a simple economic exchange, where the worker is careful not to cross the threshold of the strictly contractual and withdraws staff contributing anything to its labor competition, driven by the misconception that whatever he does, the next to abandon ship will he or she was never taken into account in the decision-corporate decisions.

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With this it is shown that forming a team is not a one-way issue, which is relevant only goals of the parties, but the interaction of all the gear in pursuit of a common goal: the consolidation project. Anyone who believes in a work commitment only import business purposes or personal ambitions aside global expectations is completely wrong. And if the conditions are not met, it is then that starts to generate a lot of uncertainty.

The main attribute of uncertainty is its ability to generate even more uncertainty, to bring down the person and deprive him of all his self-esteem and confidence. In that scenario inexorably reduces performance, because no one knows the path to be followed, and the lack of guidelines for acquiring security are evident in the performance of tasks.

When workplace clutter is extended in time, people begin to speculate about the future, and create a false scenario that destabilizes the entire production base. Like it or not, that involves putting the analysis of the situation to care obligations, all the effort invested by guess the future staff of each worker, rather than concentrate on producing. Naturally, this affects the consolidation of the company, and if the error is not corrected, may be the death sentence was signed.

On the other hand, once the respect is lost workspaces are lost good manners. Layoffs or public reproach, angry corrections, etc., occur. Attending the time of dismissal of a colleague is extremely traumatic, especially when it occurs inexplicably, without reasonable justification. All that experience, if corporate managers have no ability to do it discreetly, fuels instability and encouragement fallen dramatically. The mere fact that a worker believes he can be the next to fall team, destroys their self-esteem and insecurity embers burning just all the enthusiasm for the work, and the contractual commitment is merely a battle for survival, losing completely sight of the objective of the business: production and dividends.
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