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Where have I been?

Where have I been?
In any endeavor, having the proper instruments for measures allows assessing the real possibilities of achieving the purpose. The best thing is to work in a scenario that only lacks the personal contribution. Knowledge and experience is ultimately the key to open or close the doors to the goal, but this contribution is worthless without structural tools to operate. However, not all companies understand this, and in many places there’s no choice but to ask: Where have I been?

Some companies focus all their attention on getting benefits, regardless not providing their employees the necessary tools, at the end frustrates the achievement of the desired dividends. It is therefore an important base from which to capitalize on the potential of every worker promoting the use of group synergies, meeting precisely the needs of each workspace, and clarifying the objectives and strategies and suitable tools for performances in exercising the functions.

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A few days ago, a person related to me his experience in a telemarketing company, from which he left with great disappointment. First, because they did not understand that in a rapidly changing field such as telemarketing, where there are no simulations to correct errors, because they went straight into the action, they leave everything in the hands of the person, employee, so the result which never approaches to the desirable.

This company, as this disappointed unemployed recounted, had all its structure, six employees, installed in a small room. They provided to its workers phone books, which did not even cover in quantity the number of people who worked there. Thus, unwittingly, caused every morning a relentless war for seizing these guidelines, which eliminated any possibility of feeding the healthy coexistence between coworkers.

If a person getting to his job in the morning has been lucky to get a phone book; the database is guaranteed for making his daily calls. However, if he had no such luck,

- He was forced to look for the numbers of potential customers with their own mobile phone. Which caused him internet spending, loses of time for developing his own database in addition to the discomfort of carrying out this blind search and completely manual.

- He should write down the numbers by hand on paper and work them thoroughly, because the size of his database was ridiculous and completely irrational.

Yet this scenario, each worker was pressed to make an enormous number of sells daily. Unfortunately for them, the unbalanced distribution of resources decreased the capacity or expertise to achieve the objectives set. Again, as we have seen many times, for certain companies only selling at any price counts. Fortunately, not all have this profile and go about their duties with such disregard.

The business world is never intuitive, but mathematical. The results tend to respond in proportion to the investment made in terms of personal, structural resources and training. The chance of success in a structured scenario on the poor combination of resources and demand is almost null. Of course there may be exceptions, but generally is not usually entrusted to it.

Whether we see it or not, working conditions, in both structural and psychological aspect support workers to perform with confidence, because it is not their obligation to design corporate resources to produce, but to use them properly to maximize performance.
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