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Alibis dismissal

Alibis dismissal
If someone comes across a failed occasionally, nothing happens, but if unsuccessful crosses every day, is likely to be he failed. The same applies if it occupies an important position, unable to act as such; the possibility grows exponentially ill run layoffs of workers. This may seem far-fetched, but elaborate alibis dismissal of evil, mainly, due to poor resources away trying to victims of the executioner, whereas this distance never put him in danger.

We always talk about the importance of knowing how to choose the ideal work for companies, but never smugly boarded dismissal quality, especially in large companies. When all struggling to increase revenue and cut costs, there are many excuses to demonstrate responsible malicious bosses who have chosen well trusting them. It is natural for senior positions are not attentive to the movements of middle management, because only value what they can see, and can only see what is left to be seen. And if responsible for generating performance is a fast worker in, effective decisions to transmit orders, resolve deficiencies appear without trauma. But the residue is on the other hand, the dismissed worker.

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Regardless of whether or not it dispenses an employee, it is reasonable to estimate its work to include him in the team because it indicates a high degree of confidence. However, firing incompetent practice clouds the value you intended to give. To reinforce this practice, managers have countless ways to implement strategies or layoffs.

Scaring is usually a very common resource. Use any excuse to spread the rumor that the company will lay off part of its workforce, it is often a way for everyone into a state of uncertainty, which does nothing to improve performance, but the opposite.

Destabilize looking for more performance or worker to quit, stimulating his resignation or firing him, is also very common. This strategy is more suitable for batch work teams, where the coming and going of new hires is constant. This move seeks to destabilize and degrade performance, thereby justifying dismissal.

Meet objectives is often a determining parameter measurement on many companies. However, restless urge workers to reach the goal, or announce that fulfill not lose his job, far from being an incentive to improve performance is what makes it worse, because being constantly in fear does not help focus on tasks.

Spreading false information is also often common, but more common in larger teams where people work in the same area and are used in the same tasks. Spreading false information, pointing out that someone is better positioned seems, at first, an effective way to persuade the rest to achieve optimal performance. But in reality it does is destabilize the team and discourage those who are worse off. This situation is repeated in the field of selling, where the results mark the evolution of a job.

Mistreating workers make an unbearable environment where the most affected is the weakest. The area is responsible for the post of guaranteed work; however, faced with his superior, the employee put directly into play its continuity. Some makers chase purpose who must lay face.

Lying at the time of notice of dismissal is a clear sign of incompetence. Justify a dismissal arguing that many more will be in shortly, shows that no personality responsible for communicating the dismissed worker the real reason for his dismissal.

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