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Employee to entrepreneur

Employee to entrepreneur
In the previous article we addressed the barriers that often prevent an employer to opt for a job. This time we have to reverse the roles, and evaluate the chances of a person who goes from employee to entrepreneur, without having gone through the proper training is supposed to be an action of this nature.

When a person does not know what it takes, he may suffer from management basic maneuvers, such as economic, that aren’t acquired from the overnight. Any action related to squaring numbers requires some formal knowledge. Some fail to recognize this reality and claim that anyone is able to control the flow of expenditure and revenue, but ultimately, bad approaches to economic movements eventually sweep away all the effort and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is imperative to have that training or surround yourself with people who can control the economic area.

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It is no discredit not knowing how to manage a project, but on the other side, should be a signal to take action. It is true that today there are many highly educated professionals, with an enviable resume, but there is no better place to learn and apply what they learnt to their own experience on the ground, facing real situations where mistakes are onstage, because that experience is which leads to future success.

Inexperience is not a defect, but rather an inducement to learn new procedures. And the experience is achieved remaining at the forefront of the action, taking personal boundaries and going ahead for looking for new horizons. Who is satisfied with what he has, has two possible problems, first, he never knows if the other side there is better or worse off if grown more or less, and second, long-term end dying with nothing, because the world of business requires taking challenges, adapting to change, upgrading, which are achieved by opposite action.

It is not easy to change roles, going from receiving orders to give them. This is the first difficulty we must overcome for being a new entrepreneur. Taking a direction without changing the above procedures, it is, trying to manage a company without becoming an entrepreneur, makes harder demanding to employees to fulfill their responsibilities, with all the consequences. An entrepreneur stops being an employee, and loses in many cases friendships with their employees, and this is a step that must be taken, because personal resources are in danger.

Some make the mistake of considering their selves as experts in the administration and assuming contractual commitments without looking at the possible consequences or without measuring if the effort is proportional to the leap attempts. No you can always invest or spend blindly, because doing so greatly increases the risks of losing the gains. In addition, when an action without having planned before performed, when difficulties arise, there is no alternative to improvise, and unfortunately, in business there it is rarely improvisation.
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