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Feeding initiative

Feeding initiative
The initiative is an inertia that is learned from the need to innovate. Taking the lead in a soil as already explored as the world of business is, is putting you at the forefront of new perspectives. Someone once said that it was not necessary to be always in search of new things, but to take advantage of the existing ones and employing every effort to improve them; to feed the initiative, that already has a route. So before you start to analyze areas where we might best evolve, maybe we should answer first the following questions:

1. From everything learned, is not possible to get anything? If we respond positively, we will have realized that the opportunity is to look at ourselves. Then we will look at the environment, the market, offers, etc... Because it will be based on what we know about that that we’ll get to work.

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2.  If we have learned or lived so much, why let the knowledge die? At this point we are trying to avoid passivity, that moment of uncertainty that often sows doubts about the ability of people. The more we doubt we'll be worse armed for battle.

3. When flowing with so much information acquired, why there’s no opposition? Now it's time to take action, to get to work to structure an idea or product that you want to place on the market. Only when we are free from any doubt we can make the best of ourselves, because we are acting freely, without ties or prior commitments that expose us to pay bills that have nothing to do with what we want to accomplish.

Perhaps the biggest problem with today's society is patience. Countless times we show our ability to keep patients before things, to change, even in the most flagrant injustices. While we are extremely impatient, for the vital actions for some things we keep almost a sickly state of passivity. No need to look far to find people who are patiently waiting for others to make decisions for them or others decide to give a chance as crumb and can live in peace. That state is that many are not aware of how painful it is in the field of creation being subject to others.

For a creative person, restless innovators, is very difficult to resist pending a review of others or to opportunity or decision that must come. Many times both lengthened waiting times will not get to enjoy the favorable outcome. Deliver our time to give up unproductive patience is a possible personal achievement.

It is always better to take action and not getting the targets, than to stay and wait and not risking anything, just to keep what we already have. This society, at least the honest and integrate society is structured on brave people who at some point have decided to break the passivity to find their own ways.

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