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Identify your resources and triumph

Identify your resources and triumph
As we have been seeing before, the essence of Productive Interest is the person who sees it as a chance to advance. The power of initiative is within the person who promotes, never out. Logically, the environmental elements are vital to elicit a favorable behavior in others, but the engine should move that gear that is inside people, the individual resources. It is for this crucial motive you must scrutinize in yourself and then act out. Many times the very need to do something or the pressing pressure of economic or psychological reality that causes the person to lose the sight of his strength. That moment of uncertainty about the future, where nobody wants to get caught up in failure or destitute, often creates a nebula that blinds reason, preventing the individual to identify his best weapons. "Do not worry, you have the power" someone said to me once. He was right, but I was so blinded by the need for peer pressure, the fear of failure, that I did not see it.

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In previous articles we have talked about the importance of listening to others and then act. This time we’ll go a little further, what we’ll do is listen to ourselves to discuss our personal resources in order to submit the accumulated flow of information, which we have discussed, to a test of courage. Finally, we will have built a new world from where express outwardly.

It is common to lose all interest in the work we have been developing in our working life, once we are stripped of the job. Or scrapping the structural map of an initiative when we check it does not work. The disappointment keeps us thinking about reusing resources, we do not realize the value the details have, the small strategies that we have used. It is true that the initiative has failed, but why throwing away the elements of composition, with the possibility of reusing them. As we know their performances, we would just only reroute their properties, functions, and implementation.

In this process the first step is to understand the benefits of the things that we have acted. We cannot have a lifetime devoted to the development of a task and then forget it. If we do this, we will have lost the opportunity to understand its utility, its influence on the environment, its basic functions, its possible applications in other areas. This is such as to understand, the more we deepen the understanding of a person's relationships, the more we believe in their potential, the more we value their achievements. In this case, our intention is to move that same exercise to our personal items, our own knowledge, and from there take advantage of them in future actions. 

The one who knows better how to manage their resources scenario has everything easier. This is drawn by reviewing the career from inside, going one on one on the student work, on the moments of gratitude, on the personal relationships that have accompanied us during our working years. Perform this inner journey will take time, but knowing who we are is critical to overcome in life.
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