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Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence
Today's society is one of the worst in terms of confidence, which originates in the personal, and travels on the business until ending in a lack of confidence in the political and social spheres. Unfortunately, this reality has a huge impact on business, where every day the difficulty for securing a product grows or for earning credits towards a brand. 

As mentioned earlier, mistrust begins on a personal level. Individuals in a face to face relationship with their neighbors have lost the warmth and have embarked in a career for discovering, blindly, the faults of others instead of identifying their own values. That is, the struggle to defend oneself it’s what has led to, rather than diminish it, grows distrust within every new relationship one tries to start on a personal level.

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On the other hand, poses in the balance, the distrust of the commercial sector, where companies have lost market share due to the difficulty of introducing new proposals or keeping current products because of the suspicion of consumers about their properties or warranties. However, in some cases, poor practices of some employers have collaborated in a special way to draw this scene of folly. In the latter case we can mention the banks, which have lost the credibility of yore, the identity that made them strong in the market. Naturally, we also have to note the absence of reverse trust, where the companies are those who are distrustful, in this case, of their consumers. At this point, reemerges the figure of banks, which instead of establishing an accessible policy, have preferred to keep the capital and show an appalling lack of interest in the reality of their customers. So the prevention for recover capital has led them to withdraw themselves into an indecipherable procedure that has led to the disappearance of thousands of small businesses.

Today people do not trust companies who talk a lot and do not meet anything or who use their market power to commit injustices that consumers cannot prevent. 

However, where the nerve has consumed all traces of confidence is in the political area. The people who represent us, in many cases, have lost their way, led by the temptation of power, blinded by the possibility of everything and believing that no one will ever discover anything or at least nobody will say anything. This deteriorating political image has been transferred to the personal, as we said, where many citizens believe they are entitled to join the small social crime by the simple fact that the rulers roam freely.

For all this, it is crucial to regain confidence. If people realize that trust does not mean surrender their body and soul to anyone, but to compromise for the relationship to flow and can be discovered in the future a scenario of healthy and prosperous coexistence, we will have returned to the right path. Likewise, if consumers understand that not all companies are intended to harm their customers, and most initiatives are honest people who try to survive in the market, they will understand that eating is not risking being cheated. On the other hand, if companies such as banks understand that nobody evades its responsibilities but that they favored that people took more than they could handle, they’d know that those calling them now aren’t doing it for refusing the obligations later.

Finally, and here it is more than ever disbelief, if politicians understand that they are where they are because people have put them there, they’d understand that their personal commitment is not worth anything, because due to their voters. But, as I said before, the latter is a difficult change, but not impossible, and also in a very long term.

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