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Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn
Undoubtedly, the rush to get everywhere, commercial obligations, personal commitments and the need for dividends, have led us to run and lose sight of the little things, not to observe constructive approach. We have failed to see and analyze, listen and learn from what is happening around us.

This reality is not alien to any area of ​​life or business or the people, but the need to get dividends has led employers to forget the essential purpose of the task by interacting with the market: offer services starting of customer preferences.

View and analyze should be the basis of any trade action. This is not expected behavior of customers to provide a product but observe creative sense, see how they react to what we put in their hands and from this data, complete the physiognomy of what we offer the next time we have contact with them.

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This deficiency is also recurrent in personal life. Many times we rush to make comments, judgments, no warnings have stopped long enough to observe and analyze what is happening or why it has reached the stage where we are. There is a pressing need to say that we are not able to assess the weight of our opinion.

On the other hand, if the meticulous details of the actions of others should apply to the exercise of professional tasks, the results of actions, many times, would be infinitely better. We use very effective procedures in private life, which are not captured in professional behavior, exercise reasonable demands that are not transferred to the workplace, or ask considerations that are overlooked in the performance of tasks.

A minute of silence when someone talks about their preferences would be enough to understand the customer. To this minute well spent would run over to the prospective buyer with a static product, into believing that is all he will find in the market. The virtue of listening is the way that leads to the perfect learning, because it gives the possibility of receiving the application directly from the individual. Naturally, clients always express their needs in words. Therefore, a good businessman should listen to the people with whom he interacts, even those who are in complete disagreement with the proposal, because of all this will bring a fruitful final conclusion, modify its approach effectively and understand the need market starting from the same market.

An example, a telemarketer who takes 200 calls a day to potential customers, is based solely on the sales pitch that provides the company with firm but static messages. Did he'll sell or not sell the product? Probably yes. However, if he also read the sales pitch every time someone is on the other side of the phone, is able to hear what he has, he can build a more consistent behavior of potential customers more realistic message, and during the process the chances of sales will grow exponentially, and every time someone picks up the phone, the telemarketer will tell the proposal using a common language to all this mass of potential customers. However, the product and the conditions have not changed, only the message, the result of having heard and learned the need of the target audience. 

Listen and learn is a virtue that few consider, but it is the foundation of a healthy and productive relationship, opens the door to the success of any proposal.
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