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On solid ground

On solid ground
The best way to take a proposal is based on a thorough knowledge of everything related to nature. In this regard it is important to be aware of market movements, the behavior of the mass consumer trends of the new proposals, the flow of capital, etc. This is the way to solid ground, with guaranteed success.

Researching the market becomes an unavoidable necessity, because launching into place a product available to potential consumers, without knowing their preferences and how they move, it's a waste of time. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the importance of knowing the market; raising activities is easier from a personal perception, without doing the proper investigation of the nature of the medium, the behavior of the environment, the potential for change, etc.

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To get the real and updated information, must go to the sources where potential buyers are manifested. Fortunately, there are more and more media or social networks where people express their preferences, aspirations, career goals, data that may help identify the most immediate needs to be addressed by the new initiative.

On the other hand, we interpret this first phase of approach, even without the product as a sales job. That is, the collection of baseline data is an exercise Information projected into the future, it is an operation in cold door, a discrete approximation to the sources of consumption, silent contact to listen, understand, and then share with them the idea to cover their demands.

Another important factor in this process of silent sale is not making the mistake of reversing the roles. It is the entrepreneur who leads the project, who is conducting to a reconnaissance exercise. Unfortunately, it is common to find people who, instead of buying, know how to put their problems in the mind of the seller. If this happens, the whole movement will not be for naught, as it is ambiguous and it has nothing to do with the market reality. For this reason, and because humans are increasingly needing to talk, to tell their problems to others, the entrepreneur must be clear about what he is looking for when he goes to the source of information to develop a project.

The world of the proposals is dynamic and always changing, it is governed by the increasingly unstable economic realities, and only allows success to those who are knowledgeable, who know where are standing, who know their way between its customers and meet what promise. Looked at this way, it seems a simple operation handled by the market, but the reality is much more complex and requires expertise. An entrepreneur today is not only a seller, but also should be a market technician, a psychologist capable of measuring time and space, an expert counselor while shipped the product, a partner ready to compete with the best weapons. 

Finally, it needs to work with the market itself and with other actions. It is natural to feel threatened when another employer asks for our cooperation, or asked to participate in the structuring of the mass of consumers. Any entrepreneur sees, in this reality, the possibility of losing the initiative on its proposal. However, as the market is, we must understand that the best way to survive is to work together, allowing our products complement each other. That's a smart way to understand that we are part of the big world of business and do not want to be left behind, and we let the most competent side.
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