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Six steps to success

Six steps to success
Following the article titled: Identify your resources and triumph, someone asked me to define procedures. Below I present what are, in my opinion, the six steps to success, building on accumulated knowledge.

1. Identify elements or areas of strength, which are those tasks or functions that have better developed during our working life or during our formal learning process. Present them with complete honesty will help to visualize the future with optimism, because it derives the mood of a moment of fullness. This is a simple mental game, a way to shed the gloom, working on positive and rewarding elements.

2. Shaping is verbalizing the fort, when the time to explain it, to expose it to potential buyers present. That is, if we get a job, we must work in the argument of the task that we want to incorporate us. However, if we want to implement a new idea in a specific market, we have to build the structure of the idea, work on our composition in the strategy to make it a reality.

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3. Simulate implementation environment is set to perform. The first step is to identify the closest elements to interact with our proposal to incorporate the scheme operation, competition policy, the visibility. A good business is one that is integrated with its surroundings, which offers the nearest circle productive services, and nurtures the needs of its main benefactor: the customer.

4. Testing is easier when it comes to getting a job, because everything is concentrated on finding offers to join a company. There is no greater mystery to get moving in the area where we incorporate us. That is why so important to know what to look for. A poor fellow in interviews is irresponsible presentation, offered to do anything, commit to whatever comes. That error disfigures the professionalism that we suppose ourselves in the development of the tasks.

5. Adjusting is to resort again to the scene of personal resources. This action must cast suspicion and doubt in optimism, one must be sure that no one can excel in the work area where we will act. We know we handle with amplitude; we are able to proceed without a hitch. If we have started focusing on a single idea, now complemented with other elements also dominate, and our possible scope is wide. Now we can move through multiple tasks without losing effectiveness; we can present alternative ways of application in one package. 

6. Hiring is the final step. This last stage simply consists of applying the best resources to perform effectively in what we have sought specifically. No more mystery to solve, we have worked to realize our value structure and now we've got, we just apply all the knowledge and experience in the development of the functions that apply to us or the evolution of the idea that we could market place.
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