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Consolidating productivity means, at all levels, find a fair share scenario where each worker knows in a clear and specific way his function. In this process of debugging performance, it is essential to foster teamwork, so that the pieces must fit where and when your competition is crucial. However, it is not easy to get an ordered action towards a common goal; this task is for the team leader, who must convey their experience and knowledge to avoid internal incidents in the performance of tasks.

The goals are global, which requires a fair contribution in all areas where the personal benefits search is inadmissible. Once we understand this term, the pieces begin to act in solidarity, and the results don’t affect particularly any of them, but reach comprehensive income.

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No personal battles in any of the areas, because they fighting only for personal goals affects considerably the performance of the group, besides favoring the envy of the accomplishments of others and disregarding the progress of departments related to the overall process. However, even acting individually, to the detriment of the collective, is a result of misunderstanding the system internals, as necessary to render the equipment properly.

Deficiency of a piece causes the gear failing and the abnormalities are transmitted to the resulting end product. No worse than that scene where you get the product launch and weaknesses that could have been avoided with a good organization of the commitments or the equitable distribution of responsibilities are discovered. Consenting poor performances is a serious mistake, because if it is not correct it can be interpreted as a weakness of the team leaders, which will end in a lower contribution to the performance of tasks and poor commitment to the final product. It is always easier to ignore a failure to assume it.

There should be support between divisions, to successfully undertake the difficulties. A team, as we have noted above, is not a group of individual sections to be just themselves, so it is required that the items are available to its partners, so that in times of difficulty not pamper detachment, but the solidarity intervention to ensure achievement of objectives.

Avoid the feeling of favoritism, because it is a factor that may undermine the willingness of contribution by the workers. When someone is favored by team leaders, even if it is the most profitable part, thin atmosphere, and those who feel outside that circle of favoritism just away from the group, taking everything they could provide the benefit of a favorable outcome. However, you have to look this information from the perspective of the team leaders, who must take on the difficult balancing ballot reasonable demand with incorruptible fairness, the benefit of the team.

Collective depression may be irreversible. Naturally, poor performance sows discouragement; not achieving results in the loss of confidence and self-esteem, and whether that deficiency persists longer than necessary, extending just in the mood for the whole team. It is therefore important to identify failures and correct them immediately.
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