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The curve of happiness

The curve of happiness
This time I present an article that has nothing to do with the content in this space is often used to talk about something we all seek and rarely stop to look at nature, such as the curve of happiness. These days, talking to my little boy, he asked me a question that stirred my feelings and my reason. Are you happy? he asked. Naturally I said yes, but he looked at me and said what happiness is? I did not find a reasonable and rapid response. It is true that many times a day utters this word, even we continually experience it, but we rarely stop to think about the dimension of being happy.

Where is the curve of perfect happiness? Happiness is a feeling that goes for a while. The question is whether it is more rewarding in the beginning, middle or end of the process. So is it more rewarding to start the act of happiness? That moment when the outcome had searched fires or action materializes dreamed. Or is it more rewarding in the middle of the act of satisfaction?, a period where we still have positive excitation. Or else is it more rewarding excitement at the end? That moment where the influence of the achievements is over, and it must be assumed by another emotional state that brings us that positive excitement.

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We know that happiness is the result of having reversed a bad time or a good start, but in no case have the same importance. Happiness makes the person, for a moment, immune to any attack of pessimism, because the energy that reaches discovers an extraordinary world where anything seems possible.

However, we must not forget the misleading happiness that derives from seeing the misfortune of others and rejoice as if the action will benefit us something. The visualization exercise outside of reality does not respond to a personal process, not a product of a positive act, but from seeing the end failing such as one has done before, or see how trapped in the wall that one it was unable to overcome a personal goal.

Of course experience is priceless healthy happiness, one that transcends the person, resulting from an intimate to be completed no action is injured or suffers the consequences of being achieved. Always look this happiness, which comes from the actions of oneself.

There are also people who are happy with the happiness of others, which is impressive, because experience satisfaction without even participation in nature that generates, is a virtue which few can boast. In these cases we are participating in a real happiness for the acts of others, not word happiness. 

By nature, we all seek personal happiness, and then loaded with positive energy that transmits feeling of peace and personal gratitude. Unfortunately, there are not clear enough words to coin a real definition of happiness, so we just enjoy the most when we get it and never sought in the misfortune of others.
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