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The deceptive optimism

The deceptive optimism
Naturally, pessimism destroys the capacity for action of individuals as optimism gives a considerable advantage because it provides the appropriate energy to face situations with better prospects. However, addressing the action with a misleading optimism can be even more damaging than having undertaken with pessimism. The deceptive optimism is a state of euphoria thinking that our initiative will encourage others, and then in reality find a reverse valuation, where the findings are exactly contrary to previews.

By nature, human beings tend to subordinate much of our reaction to external actions, we submit our personal judgment of the other exercises, when in fact this behavior never has the same level of response in the difficulties and triumphs, as in unfavorable times nobody gives us the same interest in the positive moments.

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The magnitude of the attachment that puts someone in the views of others is proportional to their inability to see their own strength. Therefore, we can say that the vital sign marking people is the effort to maintain an effective public image. Even in the worst of situations, often every effort is used to contain the attack on the image to increase positive view of others towards oneself, instead of looking for more profitable alternatives to overcome moments of weakness. It is infinitely more rewarding generate a productive act instead of waiting sympathy of people who have only incidental importance. To do otherwise is misleading pursue healthy profile rather than admit mistakes and try to correct them.

In this set of realities, where nothing is as you want to see or believe, often emerge disappointment and demoralization. It is easy to match situations where a positive assessment is expected to be reviewed and worldwide. However, it is not unreasonable to think that those in the stage of assessment not act reasonably; they are simply looking for an escape himself for not recognizing their own mistakes. This is a vicious circle where everyone plays the same delusion, which all offer little lies to get by.

However, the areas where better measurement of this erroneous view is displayed are: 

Personal. It is believed that cropped certain status among those who make up the immediate environment and find that the majority holds the opposite view to what is intended. 

Business. Drift to believe that you are in the right market with the best product possible, and find that the proposal lacks the strength to be implemented and that the initiative had already had other long before oneself.

But all is not lost as it seems, since the propensity to criticize the others is inseparable from the same person, it is easier than set aside the personal weaknesses. It is much harder to see the defects that the others, even seems more rewarding to look away rather than look at the shadows left by inadequate self acts. Maybe if we looked coldly would see that our weaknesses that elusive attitude is merely tacit recognition of the lack of confidence in personal virtues. It is a mistake to believe that looking away is concealed defects and avoids falling into pessimism. The first thing to look for the person is his own values, must discover his strengths and exploit it to the fullest, regardless of anyone's opinion.

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