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The talent in the company

The talent in the company
Following the previous article titled promote talent in the business, a person posted a comment pointing out that it was a waste of time trying to educate and empower workers, especially in small companies, where the primary was not to cease fighting for survival and to meet commitments. In my view, we must go for the talent in any company, over any priority because it is the only way to design a plan for the future.

Unfortunately, the reality described by the reader is real and affects more companies than we would like. However, it is better to propose solutions and identify resources for long term because devote himself exclusively to bail water when the ship sinks, only presents an alternative, the surviving, preventing future actions raise beyond keep what you already have, without the possibility of something more.

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This same reader asked me to briefly explain the procedures or steps to follow to achieve this use the talent mentioned in article. From my point of view, what should be done is:

- Identify the deficiency, or what is the same, differentiate more susceptible to the development of capabilities that are not areas. This is discussed briefly in the previous article, noting that the best way to maximize a resource is using it in appropriate places, designating the worker can perform tasks more effectively. Furthermore, it is important to enable the learning flow, not continually stop and train workers. 

- Measuring the level of competence of each individual in the exercise of their duties, regardless of whether the company is large or small. This diagnosis will be a great virtue in the future, and unequivocally leads to success, because it is the only way to undertake corrections in work areas where deficiencies are concentrated. Or what is the same, only identifying the level of competence of each worker is able to form in those area or tasks where you need a booster, so you can get the maximum potential in the exercise of their duties. 

- The third and final step is to meet the needs of workers in two areas, individual needs, in order to improve the competence of each, and the group needs to work is conducted coordinated, and the end result resulting in a stable product and meets corporate objectives.

Everything is focused on helping workers adapt to the new system work and who have long been in the business, using a fluid exchange of information, so give updates new and old experience and ability to assimilate new concepts. This is the best way to acquire expertise and skills to achieve long-term stability. And as we have seen, all in the interest of the company.

Furthermore, the process must be held in a good support to ensure success. Therefore, it should be performed and experienced people who can assess the needs of each individual, in order to provide the tools necessary to take the process to the end.

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