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The tyranny of customers

The tyranny of customers
Undoubtedly, the thing that most exposes this crisis is the transformation of the professional application of the people. As we pointed out in various occasions, is now easy to meet workers trained in specific professional stages acting in another completely foreign to his industry or knowledge. But that is the reality; we all respond to customer’s demand.

"I'm working as a seller door to door," said an engineer with several international specializations entitled. In this way does not seem anything strange his statement, unless briefly considering the deviation of his professional sector. "I never thought that visiting people at home was so complicated," he continued. Gradually we shelled the various aspects of the sale door to door, the difficulty of being with the person face to face, in the process to make him sharing the product he is trying to sell.

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But, from all the dimensions that involved that hard work, it remains to consider the attitude of those who claim to be part of the mass of customers for a certain product, but do not agree to accept the terms of the customer-supplier relationship. Very often, when assessing the qualities of a salesperson, we usually make a distinction between good and bad sellers. However, merely by reason of consideration, it often ignores the valuations of good and bad customers. On this occasion I would like to refer to the latter. Especially those people who, as soon as they see that they are visited in their homes, they lose respect for the visitor and openly despise.

Nobody is born rude or inconsiderate, but bad decisions, wrong influence, the need to help, that builds a person in something they did not intend to become. This would be a benevolent conclusion to define the people that don’t assume toward each other the same commitment of respect or consideration they apply for their selves.

They just look at their interests, if they do not comply, nothing happens, but if they are not complied they behave violently. They know to use threats or let glimpse that the seller may be in danger if he doesn’t do what he promised during the commercial agreement. They are those people who completely lose consideration for the equal and believe that because they visit them in their homes, they are above the seller. 

So I felt sorry for my friend the engineer. It is clear that when someone faces the long process of training to finish the race and becomes a reputed professional, he ambitions the best for him. Is that the main reason that leads us to dedicate ourselves to something, getting the resources to raise the standard of living, to access other personal areas that would not be possible otherwise. That's why, and because I know from firsthand that kind of treatment, I consider painful subjecting to the whims of certain individuals to practice a profession. Is not always true, but the words of this engineer turned into a seller have removed feelings whom I would not like to return.
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