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The value of employees

The value of employees
It is undeniable that the business world is changing today, starting with how to finance up to the strategies of human capital management. In line with this generational shift we find that the difficulty of funding has redirected the focus of investment in equity of a brand or a company, establishing itself largely benefited domestic capital, which becomes the best way to expand corporate image, so the value of employees goes up exponentially.

Create a team that relies on the mark to which they owe their services is only one of several means of involvement of human capital in the advertising company policy. However, this is the best way to get complicity to defend the brand and is charged to convey quality and social responsibility, without forgetting that they themselves generate the added value. Human capital is the company in the circles where it operates, so their presence becomes a billboard of enormous value. Employees are the best defenses to convey confidence to potential consumers, as they are external representatives with full warranty.

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The weight of the message that an employee can spread about the company is extraordinary, because it does habitual media through satellite or hire anyone to speak for him, but the brand becomes a topic of personal conversation, where his own words describe the quality or the responsibility of the speaker. This reality, in the medium to long term, is priceless, as the reiteration of trust creates a mouth advertising that spreads slowly but effectively.

This is the main reason that virtually no sense to invest in major advertising campaigns, neglecting internal resources. Many companies have already realized this fact, and today are turning to the employees to create an ad network able to travel between people quite naturally, creating a circle of effective consumers and increasingly faithful.

Employees are a remarkable source of information credibility when it comes to talking about a brand, because besides being the device that makes the product, become conscious consumers and obviously no one consumes a poor mark when known procedures processing. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that investing in human capital is to provide it with the capacity to transmit clear, simple and colloquial information on the brand. Besides personal credibility, the journey much faster message because of its clarity and simplicity.

However, how to achieve this excellence diffusion is giving an evolutionary step in the management system, opting for a more effective human capital management apparatus of the company, to the detriment of direct participation and authoritarian rule. Get when someone asks an employee where he works, he knows how to give a responsible and credible response is the new and best strategy to reach the current success. But becoming the instrument of transfer of the corporate message is possible only if the system of internal operations or management model production areas known. Therefore, employees must participate in the generation of active strategies production bases.

From the time an employee is involved in the management system, he comes to a personal desire to maximize the outcome, and the need to show it to his  nearest circle not only participates in corporate production, but it effectively ago, one of those responsible for that customers feel comfortable with the product. This is the result of feeling part of the success we preach.

Finally, to overcome great fear with respects to the involvement of employees companies, I must say that this intervention should be under strict control of direction, so that anyone acting on his behalf but organized way and according to corporate guidelines clears and simple.

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