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Client Window

Client Window
As companies have increased their market power in some cases joining together to create larger networks through mergers unthinkable little related entities, the client has been gradually losing ground in the field of law. Today, there are completely missing the windows where consumers turn to speak, much less a counter suggestion or active participation as a client. Even the government does not maintain the client window, and have opted for a convoluted system where you never get to the person who can solve the concerns of citizens. Definitely, consumer discontent has nowhere to go to express their disagreement and receive accurate, rapid and effective response.

That is why the growing suspicion among consumers and many choose to get away from the life companies or refuse to consume new products. Uncertainty creates anxiety and anxiety creates fear. We can say that most of us are at that stage of fear where people are afraid of being abused again by companies and they know they will not have a window where to go to regain their rights.

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The role of companies, especially small ones, should be to reverse this situation. Besides working hard on the design of a clear and compelling philosophy that allows them to gain a foothold in the market where they operate, they should look closer to customers, but not unidirectional but interactive. A smart company should give its customers the opportunity to engage in participatory everything related to the business. Naturally, this is easier said than done, but not must stop trying.

Listen to the customer means creating an environment where real conversation is established, not only claims, but that consumers have the opportunity to suggest changes to the product, management, corporate behavior, and the company acts as a catalyst for these concerns , returning to its customers clear information about why this or that action.

If a company is able to lead the conversation with customers, including the information generated is more credible than any advertising message and travels firm and fast in the vicinity of each of the components, so that a network of infinite credibility is created where participants become media corporate, transparent and serious reality.

When an external person, a customer participates in the special window and provides ideas, that in the course of the evolutionary process of the company become agents of change, the need to disseminate acquired their accomplishments. So that customer advocates brand in all forums where involved, and feel accountable to the spread, so spare no effort to discuss the product or brand, to make known to others, to encourage them to consume without any suspicion.

However, this transfer of information out is only possible in a well-planned process, where the elements of customer contact, in this case workers are familiar with corporate policy, in addition to fully engage in the process. The first thing the customer sees when he approaches the product is the employee behavior. If this employee is committed to the product, transmit a seamless outward confidence and this will be the first step leading to customer enters we are seeking.

The objective of this openness is that loyalty everyone associated with the brand, speak freely, always within a standard framework, where the issue is the product and not any other element. Naturally, this interaction is very complicated, but not impossible; is a long way internal training then moves out.

Originate customer approach is a necessary business strategy. It is very effective, perhaps somewhat slow but reliable medium to long term, because the mass support that is created is persistent and is liable to the company objective: expand and sell.

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