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Good Manager

Good Manager
The growth rate of a company or its social mass is closely related to the quality of management, with its transparency and proactively. The more that quality increases, the possibility of adding employees to the corporate cause increase too, so the outer image improvement and increases dividends. Therefore, steer well is an obligation if it is to achieve excellence in the management of an initiative.

At this point we must make one thing clear: there is a noticeable difference between projecting an idea and being able to direct it. Or what is the same, the person who conceived the idea, is not always the best placed to assume the leadership of the project. Having a great ability to create does not entitle a person to be a good manager, as the latter relates directly to the ability to communicate, the ability to convey concepts at all levels, both internally and externally, and to incorporate the message in the derived from these levels, whether they belong to the same company structure.

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On the other hand, corporate communication is timeless, has no expiration date. Practicing at all times time’s proactive communication is essential. So you cannot give up the transparency or empathy with the areas before, during or after each stage change in the overall structure of the proposal.

Second is to assess the scope of communication in the future of the company. The more quality is grown in the course of communication, more will the results improve, because it is the way to equitably involve all actors in the evolutionary process. However, if the leadership lacks the ability to manifest, conflicts are inevitable, because the people who make the production network, will feel excluded from the decision of making and limit their commitments to comply with the basics, which is insufficient for generate profits.

At the time of undertaking a move, whatever kind it is, communication is of vital magnitude. Imagine projecting a series of personnel adjustments, and just before carrying it out, in the company begins to circulate the rumor that it will be layoffs. The chaos of that talk may be incalculable, because, out of nowhere, everyone feels jeopardized of his job, which will cause nerve, so disqualifications and performance will drop severely. For all this, it is crucial the quality of the communication, that must be clear, and getting a timely and appropriate transmission by the establishment.

On the other hand, the best way to verify the extent of communication is to understand it. That is, you should never throw anything without knowing how the receiver will react to the launch, and this can only be reached by putting on the skin of the other party, the recipient. So is better to understand the impact of a decision or a communication.

Finally, all parties must ascertain the official communication channels, so that no one goes to ask his question in the wrong window. If there are clear protocol procedures, and everyone assumes conditions, the risks of a possible ambiguity or leakage of information, which could end up diminishing skills or productivity, are eliminated.

In addition to identifying the ideal window, you should know where to turn. It is natural that the management structure of a company is not the whole world authorized to make decisions or take responsiveness, so confuse skills can generate extremely hazardous responses, staking corporate seriously.

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