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Healthy competition

Healthy competition
The success of an action lies in fixing honored maneuver strategies for turning positive result. It is not the same set goals and tries to reach them at all costs. That's competitiveness. More and more companies choose to set personal performance goals for workers, so that the stability depends on whether the minimum required or does not occur. This new system of professional values ​​prevents healthy competition and creates a work scenario where the values ​​of fair competition disappear.

Many companies, unfortunately, are contingent on the market survival in worker productivity, competition or performance, even at the expense of good practice. Encourage peer unfair competition involves little responsibility deal with the performance of work as far as quality is concerned. The fact that companies have changed the profile of their actions on their employees creates a need to assert their peers, when they should work and perform together.

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Companies often establish two sets of objectives:

Those directly related to productivity. If this maximum is not met, the employee is placed on the exit ramp. Here comes into play the experience and knowledge, because productivity is not based on intent, but on expertise when executing tasks, or to address the problems posed by the market itself.

Those based on individual performance and have a target group, wherein the overall performance is necessary. Being in this situation does not relieve the employee of responsibilities, and the sooner the objectives are met, all are best placed to stay, and is an exercise of true teamwork where personal values ​​or intentions disappear completely.

Moreover, in neither case is the low yield rewards, and although the group meets the objectives, the low productivity worker just disappearing. It is natural that companies seek excellence and efficiency, which requires them to ignore the person who repeatedly fails to meet the objectives.

Competing is not based on the innate ability, but knowledge of the procedures. Many do not compete because they do not know how, or have never been in an environment where industry professional skills virtues before a person or their work preferences.

Create a team competition is to fight for the goals of the group without invoked because someone does more or get angry when you do not produce as much as the rest. The spirit of competition makes the performance grows exponentially and a relentless struggle for individual goals decreases productivity.

Not having been in situations of high competitiveness deprives a person to offer their best alternative because it lacks expertise to do so, either personal or workplace.
On the other hand, when it lurks the success of others, the ability to perform at peak level is lost, and a ceaseless discomfort accumulates always go after the others, which entails addressing the actions outrage or without proper calm offering to be at peace with oneself.
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