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Living the dream of others

Living the dream of others
It is increasingly clear that the crisis has distorted the value of many proposals, original ideas that were designed to change the concept of application in the field where they should act have been left behind and their authors, entrepreneurs valuable, have had to make live the dream with others, because that's what happens when a creator just developing proposals that are not theirs, but must do so driven by economic necessity to survive. 

I lost respect for myself, told me an entrepreneur when carrying their proposal to an official window and after being examined by a wealth of technical and counselors ended by saying that the idea was good but it was nothing commercial.

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What led me to write this article, although I had done some other time on the same subject, is my appreciation for the concept respect. Anyone can start losing respect for himself or his ideas.

By which I consider important to look at the scope of the word, since doing so we realize the importance of the decision that is made from interacting with it. First we must realize that respect is not to take a decision intransigence, but kept within reasonable limits to not be separated from the essence of creation or the personality; is firmly defend the idea, but without sacrificing any adjustments.

Take for example our enterprising friend, since apparently he has given up everything to lose respect for him. All originated with the introduction of an innovative area a Director, who sought to convince proposal. This person is analyzed together with their advisers, their heads of subordinate areas, and finally decides to convey that "The idea is fine, but nothing commercial." From that moment our friend assumes considerations that lead him to lose his proposal. How is this possible?

You see, between the assessments transmitted to our friend by the management team and the step that he took, it took a few thousandths of seconds. Since then fit two possibilities, as were the success or failure. In this case he chose the latter, because dominated by a personal feeling and the fear of failure, the entrepreneur led him to focus almost exclusively on the phrase is nothing commercial, forgetting the rest. By staying in this definition only renounced the remaining elements of the proposal, such as functionality, application, development, etc. In this situation the most common output is often completely renounce the initial idea. However, if our enterprising friend had moved its valuation to the phrase The idea is fine, would have understood that some adjustments to undertake local character could turn the proposal into a commercial element disrupted without any of its basic concepts. It would have respected the purpose of creation.

It is important to respect the ideas and respecting yourself. Actually if we had to be constantly giving up our initial goal for the benefit of others, we would be opening a shoe business and then turn it into library and then in pharmacy and so on to infinity. We propose gibberish impossible decisions to apply, and all for not respecting the initial plan.

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