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Measure growth

Measure growth
Start initiative aims to seek growth of the idea, the stability that allows the enjoyment of the benefits and, if possible, live results. Therefore it is important to measure growth. Know exactly the rate of progression of the project helps to define strategies to keep, to correct anomalies or change proposal. The latter should not scare the entrepreneur, and insist on maintaining a little emotional idea can be extremely harmful.

In this section we at least four possible scenarios: 

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No growth is a sign that something is wrong with the proposal. This anomaly may lie in the idea itself. Ask something out of place, either by a mistake in calculating the influence of consumers or for not having foreseen that the proposal was located in an unfavorable terrain for implantation are factors that hinder growth. These failures result from lack of initial planning, and you cannot ignore the data collection related to the market, the level of consumption, investment opportunity, structuring, etc. 

Growing too little is also a bad sign to address the stability of a business. If not enough growth, a venture can only fight to survive, which means that even his sponsor may keep sought other means of income, in order to go to inject liquidity into initial capital. In this case, sooner or later, end up dying business and probably if appropriate measures are not taken, the employer will end up acquiring debts that cannot cope. 

Grow well does not mean having extra profits, but to advance in a state of steady growth, where increased profits occurs gradually, without great fanfare. This is the scenario that the employer should seek a steady climb that would respond to the evolution of business without resorting to extraordinary income, avoiding a dizzying progression that reality clutter. Having a stable course helps the entrepreneur to understand that should not be rushed, but balance growth, to accumulate benefits and then start with new actions, such as expansion, structural expansion, etc. 

Growing too fast can be as bad as or do not grow too slowly. An action that gives an amazing performance in a very short time, probably not able to be permanent; however, originates in a misleading entrepreneurial enthusiasm and expresses an extraordinary setting where it seems that it is best to expand rapidly, invest, buy new structures, etc., to seize the momentum. If this goes unchecked, is the ruin of the company as it exceeded the actions of expansion brings into debt thinking that may be paid in a short time, but once the business loses inertia, commitments just drowning the employer, and deception is much higher, or rather, the fall is much stronger, even able to sweep away the resources of an entire generation.

For all this, moderation is an essential factor for the entrepreneur. It's so wrong look for his progression as understand that a lack of growth is natural, since in no case should leave balance. An entrepreneur must try to escape the line of constant loss, but without immediate success hang, because in both cases he runs the risk of losing everything.

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