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No attitude, no business

No attitude, no business
Attitude is the showcase of the person to the other. This is an indisputable truth, nor the most expensive suit or get wordier words raise the profile of an individual if he ignores the attitude. No attitude, no business.

When I started investing in, I had the unpleasant experience of running into difficulties that had never intended or imagined possible find. It all started with my mishap resource, which was responsible for finance, my new initiative. Due to its lack of concepts that work environment, all my chances were killed in a resounding no. All of a sudden I found myself without capital, also with strong opposition from my source to undertake this new journey.

Given that the behavior will be positive or negative depending on the mood, the ideal way to achieve that personal excellence is seeking to develop activities according to the skills and knowledge of self. To this should be added only common sense, planning, opportunism and we will have established a higher than usual which usually average consumer society pondering this condition.

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My source of income other than deprives myself of secure funding, he asked me to start in the stock market without investing in order to learn and, finally, take profits. For the moment this approach from the austerity had, I believe, several implementation difficulties. First, it was difficult to learn without contact with actual market positions, which made it impossible to know the risks; boxes dominate movements, fluctuations, trends, etc. To contact an actual position, is required to invest and market access. There are several platforms demos that could circumvent this difficulty, but if there is any intention to act in the real market, had to be reversed. Finally, it was almost absurd to suggest the possibility of getting benefits without having proper knowledge about the functioning of the stock market, strategies to activate a position to establish the stops or even to interpret the graphs. That is, that my decision resource could be understood as a blind diplomatic negative, it was a noble way of telling me to forget about the stock market as a potential source of income.

What I learned from the difficulties raised by my source of income, was that I did not explain clearly enough my proposal. My attitude when fighting for my goal had succumbed to the initial refusal, any chance of blocking my enthusiasm. All the error lay in that. I had overlooked his ignorance of the fundamentals of the stock market; moreover, I had not provided the ideal strategic vision to gauge the likelihood of success.

When I realized I needed to hire more criterions in exposing this new initiative, highlighting the real chance of success, I regained good attitude. I started defending the professional nature of the task; because I had to keep others see it as a place bet, as an environment where it is played with money. On the other hand, I presented my plan arguing about my own ability and my experience at the numbers, since it had to be convinced that he could make money in the stock market, had personal resources, could acquire the necessary knowledge and especially enjoyed a recognized discipline to succeed. That was the first step: sell me as an investor with positive attitude.

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